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Brain study could raise C-section doubts

I read this article in the paper and thought I would share.  I don't personally know anyone who would choose to have a c-section then actually push but in case you do, here is some food for thought.



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Re: Brain study could raise C-section doubts

  • My mom had all 3 of us kids by c-section.  My oldest sibling was going to be too big for delivery.  Since they only did c-section vertically back then, my brother and I both had be delivered by c-section.

    My sister's first baby was also big, so she had to do a c-section as well.  She also had one for her 2nd boy as well. 

    We all turned out just fine.  I may consider a c-section myself since one, baby is already measuring ahead (big babies run in my family, especially the 1st one), and two, I had back surgery 2 years ago, and the stress of pushing may reherniate my discs.

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  • They are comparing it to a test on mice?  My daughter was a c-section b/c she was breech and was a perfectly healthy baby and is actually advanced for her age.

    Well yes I think it is stupid to choose a c-section if there is no reason for it, I think this article is stupid.  A c-section was something that was safer for me and my daughter and I will be having another on this time.

  • My daughter was born via c-section and she is measuring ahead.  She is only 19 months, but she just moved into the 2-year-old class at her school because she is more advanced than the kids her age.  No method of birth is perfect.

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  • I don't understand the point of this study. It's on mice, not people and I don't think any studies have found that c/s babies struggle to adjust to new environments later in life. Good grief! I pushed for 4 hrs and my DD's head was so stuck they had to vacuum her back out the other way during the c/s.  So is she doomed to be underperforming her whole life?

  • I know this post was well-intentioned, but I feel like there's sooooo much being piled on women who get c-sections.  Sure, there are unnecessary c-sections performed, but the fact of the matter is that c-sections, which we now take for granted, have played a tremendous role in the reduction of mortality in childbirth, for both mother and baby.  They're often a very medically necessary procedure.

    I don't think any of us goes into pregnancy thinking, "hey, c-sections sound like fun!  I totally want one!"  But sometimes, it's just the reality of the situation.  This is my first pregnancy, so obviously I don't know personally, but I get the sense that articles like this really only serve to make mothers who've had to have a c-section feel upset.

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