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He is where?

Ok so I really can not tell where this kid is or were he is going. When I had my U/S at 20 weeks he was face down, butt down. When I felt him move before it was all on the right side and under my belly button. Now I seriously think that he is flying a plane in there!!! He is always kicking me in the lower abdomen and sometimes it's so low that it feels like he is knocking to come out. I didn't know if anyone else's LO was painting the walls? I have not had a lick of caffeine since I found out. Not that I'm against it or think that it will hurt the baby, I just took that as a step to healthier me. So it's not caffeine, maybe I'm eating to much sugar? It is really starting to make me laugh because I can feel him all the time but the DH says he doesn't feel anything. Again just wondering if anyone else felt sea sick from the amount of movement?

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Re: He is where?

  • I can't figure out where baby is or what he or she is doing in there, either. If I'm laying back a little, I sometimes feel a little seasick. I drink coffee a few times a week, but don't notice any effect on the movement. I think some babies are just really active!

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  • This is me to a T! I'm usually getting kicked/poked lower on my right side but then all of a sudden it'll be over on the left side and up high! And then right in the middle and then back to the other side, like she's in their practicing her floor routine. I think I've been watching too much of the Olympics.
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  • yes... when i am really full it doesnt help anything... it makes me feel sick, or like i just have a stomach full of water
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  • I was never one that could tell where the baby was or what position, I never even tried to guess.  I also never saw any correlation with what I ate/drank with the movements.  Either they're moving around or not.  And don't worry, soon Dh will get to feel plenty.

  • I haven't been drinking too much caffeine either ( except for the occasional tea) and this kid is moving like crazy! I'll feel him right above the belly button then I'll feel him again much lower. SO funny, it even tickles sometimes. Yesterday was the first day my hubby felt him move! It was so hard, and I was so surprised since I'm only 20 weeks tomorrow :) 

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