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dh and i on different wavelengths

Sorry if this is a common issue. This is my 1st time on this board. Dh and I have a beautiful dd who is 13m. I would like to ttc asap but dh is looking to wait a year. He'd be fine w longer but he's saying a year to appease me. He thinks it'll be easier if she is older by the time a new baby comes. I think it's going to be difficult getting used to 2 no matter when we do it! I just turned 34 and I am concerned about the risks that come along w getting older. We talked for a while and only came up w the idea that we'll revisit the topic in a couple months. Should I just be more patient?
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Re: dh and i on different wavelengths

  • Unfortunately I don't have any advise, just wanted to say I'm sorry you're on different wavelengths. I know exactly how you feel.
  • I'm kind of of the theory that the person saying "no" gets the decision.  So in this case, while I think it's acceptable to revisit in a few months, I really do think you need to wait and be patient until he's ready.

  • I think if you are both interested in having more children and you're 34, I would not wait much longer.  To have 2 children be "easier" by being further apart is a lesser evil than dealing with possible complications of pregnancy after 35.  Personally, I have always believed that the closer in age your children are, the easier it will be for them to be pals.  My sister and I are 18 months apart and we played a lot as kids and entertained ourselves.  Most kids who are closer in age seem to be the same way.  Besides, while you might have 2 in diapers at the same time, you will be done with diapers for good much sooner, which will make life easier!


    Good luck! 

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