December 2011 Moms

things you are looking forward to

i'm really looking forward to fall/winter.

-take to park a lot more once it cools down

-take to pumpkin patch & get pictures with her sitting with the pumpkins

-halloween- dressing her up for first time. we are doing family costume as pebbles, fred & wilma 

-first christmas. very excited about buying her a "kitchen" & baking cookies for santa

-take her to the tree in nyc-  we got engaged there & we go every year. we live very close


Re: things you are looking forward to

  • *taking her to the folk festival this weekend 

    *library story time starts next month

    *getting outside for walks. Right now it is too hot and there are too many mosquitoes


    *playing kitchen/restaurant

    *playing "bookstore"

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  • I am also REALLY looking forward to fall. It is my favorite season.

    -taking B to his first Detroit Tigers game on Labor Day

    -going to the pumpkin patch/apple orchard

    -watching football games and dressing DS up in Dallas Cowboys clothes

    -Halloween: we will be passing out candy and will dress DS up for that

    -Thanksgiving: being around tons of family and good food with DS

    -first birthday party!

    -first Christmas and starting new traditions as a family

    -I hate winter after Christmas so then I will be looking forward to Easter!


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  • I love everything fall and the holidays so I am most looking forward to activities centered around that season.  J's first Halloween (we will be taking him to the zoo the weekend before and around my parent's neighborhood dressed up), to the pumpkin patch, tailgating at his first UK football game, first birthday party and first Christmas.  We are also looking forward to our first family vacation to the beach at the end of September.   

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  • Shopping for fall clothes for ME! LOL Fall clothes are my favorites.

    Going outside more often

    Going to a whole bunch of weddings


    Pumpkin patch/corn maze! Last year when we went I kept thinking about bringing LO there. 

    Cozying up as a family on cold nights. 


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  • I love fall.  LOVE.  It's my favorite season.

    I'm looking forward to being outdoors more.  It's been SO hot here this summer that we've been stuck inside so much.

    Halloween/pumpkin patch/their birthday!!


    My little love bugs!


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  • oh yea & fall winter clothes for DD. I was looking through a bunch that i had gotten as gifts that will fit her then. sooo cute- a little denim jean jacket, fur jacket, jeans, etc. i hope she learns to walk so i can put her in knee boots & uggs too hahaha. 
  • I am looking forward to rainy days inside cuddling on the couch. 

    -Puddle jumping, running through piles of fall leaves and the pumpkin patch

    -Cooking projects

    -Gardening early next spring

    -Art projects she can actually do on her own:)

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  • finishing my half marathon training when it's not hot as hell out.
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  • Was just thinking about fall today!  Looking forward to getting out the fall decorations.  But definitely looking forward to going for walks to the park.  August in TX can be such a drag with the heat...tired of feeling stuck inside with the a/c all the time!
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  • -FALL!

    -DD's first football season

    -Pumpkins, pumpkin patches, apples, fall decorations, all things fall

    -DD's first Halloween

    -Yankee Candle's Autumn Harvest favorite smell of all time!


    -1st birthday!


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  • -play in the leaves, carving pumpkins, cider, halloween.......can't wait for fall!!!

    -play in the snow, see his reaction to snow the first time

    -take him to FL this winter and to the ocean

    -take him to see Santa, open gifts and family christmas parties



  • Not to be a buzz killer but I hate fall. It rains so much here, we will be locked indoors for months. 

    Taking her to the pumpkin patch with my moms group will be fun as long as its not super muddy.

    I am really looking forward to the holidays though. We can decorate for Christmas, bake cookies and cuddle around the fire.

    It will be more exciting this Christmas with A being able to open up her own gifts. 

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  • i forgot all about first snowfall & also watching holiday movies with her & reading holiday books! 
  • I love this thread!

    I'm really looking forward to the up-coming months.

    -Fall and cooler weather. Even though that means 80s here, it will still take the edge off.

    -Halloween! I can't wait to dress her up and I'm hoping she'll be walking by then so we can take her around for a little trick or treating. Also, pumpkin picking and apple orchards, fall festivals and corn mazes. I adore everything around Halloween!

    -Our Disney vacation. We'll be heading up there to celebrate her birthday and my birthday. So super excited!

    -Thanksgiving and her family birthday party.

    Lots of fun things coming up!

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  • I am looking forward to:

    -Fall! It is so hot in Texas right now! I can't wait for the cooler weather. I just hope it comes sooner rather than later and isnt hot in December.

    -LO's first halloween. We live in the country so we don't ever get to pass out candy :( but we will take him to our community festival.

    -LO's first birthday! I was looking at birthday party themes online just the other day and found tons of cute stuff for Look Whoo's One with Owls!

    -Having LO's first christmas and actually getting to decorate and put up lights this year. I went on bed rest on November 29th last year so the tree was the only thing we got to put up.


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  • - For me, starbucks pumpkin latte

    - Cooler weather, sometimes it gets cooler here in Oct but more than likely November so we can get outside more

    - Halloween. Still figuring out what LO will be

    - The holidays. I love decorating, shopping for gifts, baking, etc.

    - LO's first birthday party

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