2nd Trimester

Really Walmart?!? Is that necessary?

So I decided to run in Walmart last night to get some inexpensive larger size workout pants for my ever expanding....well everything.  I picked out 4 pair of pants since they were on sale for $5.  I got to the cash register and am watching the screen as she's ringing everything up.  My husband and I burst out laughing as she rings up the last pair.  The first three ring up as "DN Judo" for Danskin Judo, all of which were size medium.  The last pair, which was a size large, rings up as "Porkchop Judo".  Really?!?  I'm size "Porkchop" now.  Thanks!  As if I didn't feel bad enough about gaining so much weight I'm now "Porkchop" size.


Re: Really Walmart?!? Is that necessary?

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