2nd Trimester

has anyone ever had a uti while pregnant?

I really need to use the bathroom but cant go. I've only had 1 uti and that was last year.  I'm 16 weeks pregnant today. 

Re: has anyone ever had a uti while pregnant?

  • They are very, very common. I would call your doctor in the morning to have a test in case.
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  • Yes..unfortunately I'm on meds for one right now...apparently they are very common during pregnancy because your uterus is cramping the space for the bladder and certain crevices etc can be cut off allowing bacteria to collect easier then normal...

     I went and had a urinalysis done but have been on meds for about a week and am starting to feel better, the most annoying thing is the pressure in your abdomen...


    Go see your doc and drink lots of cranberry juice :) 

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  • I had one a few weeks ago.  It was my first in my whole life. 
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  • did u call your ob or did you go to your primary care doctor?

  • Yep, Dr put me on meds and everything was fine!
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  • I had one the week I found out I was pregnant. They put me on antibiotics and everything was fine. I called my OB rather than my PCP because I knew they would have a better idea of what was safe while I was pregnant. Hope you feel better soon!
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  • Call your doctor. They will tell you.

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  • I had one, my OB caught it in my lab work- and they gave me a prescription and it was in my first trimester. If they weren't going to give me something my PCP would have.

    Get it tested to prove, and they can give you an antibiotic that will work with the baby. Try and relax.

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  • Yes! My doc said they are quite common in pregnancy . I have had two with this pregnancy. This is is our first baby, so of course I was freaking out a bit, haha! . Definitely get checked out. It's just a simple urine test and they will just put you on an antibiotic that is safe to take while pregnant. ( just double check and ask them if it is safe to take ). Take Care! 
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  • I had one last month. Go to the Dr. and get some meds for it and you should be ok within a week or so!! :)) I didn't even know I had one until I went into the hospital one night for my nausea. BLEH They kind of suck, I know :(



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  • Yeah.  14 weeks - I jsut started taking meds today.  Hope to feel better soon.  Drinking lots of cranberry in the meantime. 
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