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Hi There,

I'm new to the board and just made the switch from the Trouble TTC to the Adoption board.  After TTC for the past 3 years, my DH and I gave up our battle with IF and have settled happily into the idea of adoption.

At this point in time, I'm just trying to acquire as much info on the process as possible and trying to learn where to start.  Does anyone have any suggestions for me?  We think that we want to go the domestic route, but haven't officially decided on anything.


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  • Welcome... and I am sorry that you've had such a tough journey. That said, this is an exciting time!!! 

    We have a great FAQ section at the top  of the board which is great for resources and basic questions.
    Aside from that, throw out questions.  Most of us love questions... even if they are routine ones :)

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  • Welcome!  Congrats on making the decision to move forward with adoption.  I hope you find joy in the journey! 

    When we were just starting out we did two things that I would recommend: 

    1) Attend a couple adoption seminars.  These things are great for getting lots of info in a short time, asking questions, and just generally getting your feet wet. We found a local agency that had a few seminars on their website.  I think Bethany Christian Services also has web seminars that you can watch anytime, if I remember right. 

    2) Search out a bunch of different agency options online and request their mail packets.  These are free and I found it very helpful to lay them out and compare.  Something about having that packet in your hands makes it more concrete than reading online. 

    And of course like pp said, ask away!  That's what we are here for.  

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  • Welcome to the board. Great Advice above.
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  • Welcome, I'm a newbie as well.

    Our first step is exploring agencies in the area and looking into the information sessions that a lot of them have.  


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  • Welcome!  The FAQ's are an awesome source of info as are old posts.  I agree with the others talk to several agencies.  Even do a search on TB for agencies in your state that people have used.  Gives you some good places to start.
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  • Welcome!!  I'm a newbie too, we've been trying to read as much information as possible and have researched local agencies via website, sent away for information packets, etc.  We are undecided currently as well, between domestic infant and foster-to-adopt.  A great book thad had a lot of information on both plus international adoption was "You Can Adopt" from Adoptive Families magazine.  Also I second the FAQ section, lots of great info there!

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