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Being worried and thorough pays off!!!

So I just had to share this experience with everyone.  Last night I had menstrual like pains for about 3 hours, like I was going to get my period.  I tried not to worry and let it go.  It went away eventually only to come back this morning at 4 am.  After 4 hours of agonizing over what to do, I called my Dr.  His nurse called me back and tried to reassure me it was nothing but a cranky uterus.  I didn't feel right, and finally on my way to work, went to the nearest hopsital (not the one I will deliver at).  After 8 hours of tests etc, came back as a fibroid my actualy Dr.s had failed to keep tract of was causing me premature contractions and pain.  The cervix was fine etc.  When I called my Dr. I tried to talk to the nurse.  Was told she had left for the day and was to call back tomorrow, as I had to go through her to ask the Dr questions.  Left a voicemail, and wouldn't you know, 30 minutes later she calls me back.  She then says "oh yeah we saw that on one of your scans, makes sense".  Needless to say I will be switching Dr's and am relieved to know the pain source.  What a day, but baby is perfect!!!!

Re: Being worried and thorough pays off!!!

  • First of all, I think the nurses response to your call is completely RIDICULOUS. I'm sorry..."oh yeah, makes sense"? Hmmm...would've been helpful information today at 4am...so glad you trusted your gut! 

    On a more calm note - I"m so glad to hear that everything is a-ok with your little one! And yep - goes to show that mom's DO know what's best! ;) And GL with the dr. hunting...

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  • Horrible nurse! I switched doctors before when their nurse blew off my symptoms and resulted in me going to the ER in respiratory distress. Nurses can make or break a doctor.

    Glad you and the baby are fine and good luck on finding a new doc.

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  • Oh wow, nice of them to keep you informed :/ Glad you are both ok!
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  • Whoa! That is such a bizarre response from a nurse. I am glad baby is okay and you decided to go get checked out. GL!
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  • Wow. That is really not good! Good thing you are changing doctors. A similar thing happened to me! I had ultrasound and they tech says, oh have you ever had a fibroid? I said no and she said nothing else. Come to find out during my next scan with a different person, she says oh do you know you have a fibroid? Wow. I thought I did have one, but apparently I do! Thanks to the new person my period like cramps have been explained! Our baby was perfect too, thank God! 

    Sometimes I think Nurses and doctors forget that some of us have never been had children before or that things like this are not "routine" for us so they treat you in a nonchalant way. It's sad =( I hope you find an excellent doctor who has a great staff!

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  • I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience with your nurse. The staff at a doctor's office really can make all the difference. I'm glad you got everything checked out!
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