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What is your take on Soda?

I feel like such a horrible mom already...

I was so addicted to soda and energy drinks before my pregnancy and I've been having major withdrawls.

I was able to reduce my intake drastically. But I still drink 1 can of coke or up to 20 oz every other day or so. Any other day I will drink Perrier or Sprite. But I can't kick the habit for the life of me. What would you ladies do?

Also, Is it okay to substitute my water intake with just Perrier? or possibly use Crystal Light to help with my love/hate relationship with water?

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Re: What is your take on Soda?

  • According to my what to expect..a can of cola is 35 mg caffeine and it seems like 200 mg is the limit. Sprite doesn't have caffeine (I'm pretty sure).  I think you are okay as long as you are still drinking lots of other water even if it is mixed with crystal light.

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  • I work night shift and between 2&5 a need something other than water
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  • I've been drinking flavored seltzer water & eating "freezie" pops to increase my water intake too :)
  • Is it the fizz or the sugar that calls to you? I am fifty fifty on this. I usually drink diet pop, so I have a hard time deciding if it is better to drink the aspartame or the high amounts of sugar. I hate to say this, but it is possible that you have a sugar addiction. 

     My goal is a can of pop every few days or so... And diet pop (as per the pregnant chicken) should be safe as long as you aren't consuming over 60 cans per day). The only time I would be concerned about your pop intake would be if you think it would make things so crazy that you end up with diabetes (gestational, of course). But at one per day, I don't see how that could be overdoing it... Unless you are consuming other high sugar products.

     My suggestions: dilute your soda with Perrier or soda water or try juice. Juice sugar content can be high, but at least they are natural sugars and easier for your body to break down.  

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  • I still drink pop. 
  • Don't feel like a horrible mom.  I drink a 20-oz Cherry Coke Zero every morning (less than 60mg of caffeine).  Like PP said, up to 200mg of caffeine per day is fine. 

    Other than that, I've been sticking to water.  I really, really hated water before I got pregnant and only drank it during/after working out.  Other than that, I always drank soda or water with Crystal Light.  I love Sprite Zero, but I'm trying to decrease my artificial sweetener intake as well (and Crystal Light also has aspartame).  Aspartame is safe for use in moderation during pregnancy, but if you can, do your best to stick with water.  Squeeze a lemon in it or an orange if you need to.  Water has really grown on me over these last few months, and to be honest, I prefer it to my daily soda, which I now only drink because I need a little caffeine to get me going. Good luck!

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  • I was a big time soda drinker before I got my BFP (my day started with a stop at Circle K for a 44oz coke zero).  Fortunately for me, I just stopped wanting it.  I went about a week getting a big cup of mostly ice and would drink barely any of it.  When my nausea was bad, I did buy some of the 8 ounce cans of regular coke. I could not even finish one of those.  I am trying to avoid diet drinks and occasionally get a sprite or sierra mist but really do not want my increased calories to come from soda.

    I am a big water drinker but I do also get tired of only water after about the 4th or 5th glass. I did get some propel and think the crystal light is a good idea.

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  • I never, ever, ever drank soda before I was pregnant, but it's the only thing that calms my m/s so I have a big ol Coke every day.  I figure it's better to drink the soda since it sometimes allows me to actually eat, vs trying to choke down crackers all day and skipping the soda.
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  • image DC2London:
    I never, ever, ever drank soda before I was pregnant, but it's the only thing that calms my m/s so I have a big ol Coke every day.  I figure it's better to drink the soda since it sometimes allows me to actually eat, vs trying to choke down crackers all day and skipping the soda.

    I agree.  I was a very moderate soda drinker before pregnancy, but it seems that Coke Classic is the thing that helps with my m/s.  I take sips of it as I need it, I usually don't drink an entire soda in a day; but if it means I can eat a meal, then I don't feel guilty.  


  • I drank like a 32oz cup of Coke today...  I try not to drink soda with caffine though on a normal basis.  It just sounded sooo good and we had fast food.  With LO, I didn't drink pop at all the entire pregnancy, but with this one, I'm bascially living off ginger ale and sprite.  Oh well.  It's not the best, but it's not the worst thing you can do either.

    I wouldn't use Crystal Light because it contains artificial sweeteners.  I can't imagine that carbonated water is an issue at all (see my Sprite intake!) - at least it doesn't have sugar!


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  • It sounds like the caffeine is well within the limits.  I was very surprised to see how much sugar regular soft drinks have.  A Sprite has 39 grams I think!  And if you google....that is the allotment about for the whole day (maybe more).  Granted, I have been eating too much sugar so I am definitely not pointing fingers, it is just something to be aware of.  I had no idea.  

    Crystal Light might be ok, just double check the ingredients to see what it is sweetened with.  Whole Foods might have something natural you could try.  Good luck! 

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  • My ob is fine with moderate consumption.  One of the concerns with caffeinated drink consumption is dehydration so just make sure you also drink plenty of H2O during the day. 

  • image DC2London:
    I never, ever, ever drank soda before I was pregnant, but it's the only thing that calms my m/s so I have a big ol Coke every day.  I figure it's better to drink the soda since it sometimes allows me to actually eat, vs trying to choke down crackers all day and skipping the soda.

    This. Coke is the only thing that helps nausea and headaches, so I have one/day. I don't feel like it's too bad, and I totally gave up my beloved coffee, so it's a little bit of a trade off.

  • I stopped drinking it when I was pregnant with my first and by the time I gave birth I had lost my taste entirely. Prior I was a diet coke a day person, but I didn't want artificial sweeteners (which I've never returned to and never will and don't allow the kids to have) because I'm worried that they're really unhealthy. And I didn't want the extra sugar because it was empty calories and I'd rather save empty calories for cookies.

    It took a little while to adjust, but once I did I found I felt better. Now soda is too sweet and too syrupy and I don't like it anymore.

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  • I still drink it but my only pop craving now is Dr. Pepper.  I loved Coke Classic before getting pregnant and hated Dr. Pepper but now that I am prego I crave Dr. Pepper like crazy!
  • I still drink one can of pop a day. I do still drink non caffeinated sodas at dinner or later but I really try to get a lot of water in. I can tell when I'm not getting enough water because I start to feel like crap. Water is best but I do drink sparkling water when I'm sick of it. Have you tried adding Mio to your water? Or Lemons, Limes, Raspberries? Just to mix it up.
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  • I usually drink one can a day and I haven't had any problems. My doctor said one coffee, one can, or one tea with caffeine is fine with non-high risk pregnancies. As for the water - I cannot stand to drink it either! In my first trimester when I was sick all the day, I would throw up water and it just turned me off from it completely. I use a trick of mixing 1/4 glass of no-sugar-added apple juice with my water..it's pretty light-tasting and low calorie and gives you an extra shot of vitamin C.


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  • Like other posters said... 1 can of coke is well under your caffeine intake limit for the day. I drink probably about 2-3 sodas a week (all diet). Sometimes it just plain makes me feel better. If they have something that's diet and caffeine free, that's my first choice. Unfortunately, I've been wanting fountain soda and my choices are more limited.


    I wouldn't stress as it's clear by what you've said that you're not overdoing it. One of my friends would get a grande latte every day at Starbucks (still under the 200mg caffeine limit). I have other friends who swore off caffeine entirely during pregnancy. 

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  • I drink a watered down cup of half caff in the morning and still have anywhere from one can to a 44 oz Diet Dr Pepper everyday. Believe it or not, that is way down from what I did before. I've taken the 32oz from McDonald's or Sonic and poured a 12 oz can in there and it almost filled the cup...so I'm not actually drinking 32-44oz of DDP. I also drink WAY more water than I did before. I will say that I was drinking less caffeine in the first 8-9 weeks of my pregnancy, but that was partially b/c it just didn't appeal to my nausea.


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  • I used to love diet coke but I try to mostly avoid artificial sweeteners during pg and I find that when I don't have it for long periods of time, I notice the gross aftertaste when I drink it now. It kind of makes me sad. I can't bring myself to drink regular soda  because of the calories. If I'm I jesting 200 calories it had better contain chocolate.


    So I maybe have a half can once, maybe twice a week.


    Ill have a half caff mocha from SB any day, though! 

  • I usually only drink soda if I am at a restaurant, but when I am pregnant I crave it.  Plus, it helps with the morning sickness and headaches.  ANd my ob has me taking headache pills with caffeine in them.


    Also I usually drink a cup of coffee every day.  And still manage to stay under 200 mg of caffeine a day, usually. Some studies are suggesting 300 daily is actually fine. 

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  • I have a coke maybe once a week or every two weeks, but I haven't been a big soda drinker in years. I mostly drink flavored seltzers. The bubbles make me think "soda" but without all the sugar and calories. Raspberry lime and mandarin orange flavors are my favorite right now.


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  • image buggirl72:

    I was a big time soda drinker before I got my BFP (my day started with a stop at Circle K for a 44oz coke zero).  Fortunately for me, I just stopped wanting it.  I went about a week getting a big cup of mostly ice and would drink barely any of it. 

    I'm the same way. I normally love a good, cold Coke, but haven't had the desire for the past few weeks. Lemonade and Hi-C are my new favs.

    As long as you reduce your caffeine intake and don't go crazy, you should be fine. 


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  • I usually only drink water, juice and milk so I don't have your issue. But my doctor said coke was ok if you have a headache, but only occasionally. Also, in my first pregnancy I drank a bit of coffee with lots of milk every morning to help me through my work day.
  • I was a huge diet soda fan.. to the point that I'd be embarassed to admit just how many cans I went through each day! Once I found out, I knocked them out completely (go figure.. after years of trying to cut back or quit on my own and failing, all it took was on BFP!)


    I've had half a diet sprite or so in the afternoons when I need a pick me up, but that's about all. I'm hoping that the motivation continues after the little one arrives! 

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