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Anyone's DC use Melatonin for sleep?

My DD has ADHD and the psychiatrist reccomended it for bedtimes (which are rough).  The bottle says not to use if under 18 years old....my DD is 6. 

Any experiences?

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Re: Anyone's DC use Melatonin for sleep?

  • We use melatonin for my 5 year old, we have been using it now for just over a year.  He was never able to calm himself for sleep, even as a newborn he was up all hours of the night and day screaming.  As he got older he would bounce, roll, wiggle, in bed for hours after bedtime.  We tried everything, I read several books on sleep, talked to different Drs before our developmental pedi suggested the melatonin.  It made a huge difference.  We started with 1.5mg and kept bedtime at the EXACT same time every night, no exceptions.  After almost a year, we wondered if he really needed it anymore and have been decreasing the dose slightly every week or so.  We are now down to less than .5mg and he is still keeping on his schedule, just taking a little longer to fall asleep but not like it used to be.
  • I have many SN students who take it successfully.  Most commonly with ADHD or diagnosed behavioral disorders.
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  • DD has ADHD as well. We started at 3 with a dosage rec of 1 to 3mg. Now we have increased the dosage with age. We use a dissovable tablet after trying liquid and another capsule.

    Did your doc recommend a dose? Ask if not...


  • We use the Twin Labs brand 3 mg capsules & have had great success. The first two brands we tried did not work at all but our dev ped recommended this one. Since supplements are not regulated by the fda there can be a lot of variation in what you're actually getting. It's important to go with a reputable brand so you know you're getting enough of the active ingredient & not just fillers!


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  • Meh.

    Nada here. For DS or me. Most of the clinicians I know suggest no more than 2 weeks on melatonin at a time or it ceases to work. The plan is to use it to help sleep train around a new protocol.

  • We do, our pedi told us no more then 10mg and we have to use it combined with a few other things. I think we finally found a set up, since his wake ups are back down to 1-2 times a night instead of the 6-9 times we were at without it.

     FWIW, melatonin alone doesn't work. 

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