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Thank You Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Hi Ladies, 

My mom is throwing me my baby shower in a few weeks. I'm trying to think of some gift ideas beyond a spa treatment, more on the sentimental side. (A massage, pedicure, manicure are all great- and I'm completely willing to go in that direction, I just want to explore the more emotional side first.) Does any one have any ideas? 


Re: Thank You Baby Shower Gift Ideas

  • I don't know what month you are due, but how about some earrings or a pendant with the birth stone?

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  • My MIL threw our shower (yesterday) and she is an avid gardener so I got her a "Grandma's Garden" stone for her  garden. She really loved it.

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  • Get her something personalized that says Grandma or something to that effect.  I got my MIL this as a gift and she loves it:


    She will be going by Memere as opposed to Grandma or Nana, so I got it personalized to say "Memere & Pepere Xxxxxx's

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  • My MIL is a cooking fanatic, and just had her kitchen redone so I made her a gift basket full of kitchen stuff like wooden utinsels, cookbooks, etc. Then to make it a little more special, I hand painted a small wooden cutting board to hang that says Grandma's kitchen & also included a grandma photo frame.

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  • for mine, I bought a photo frame that said grandson, a yummy smelling tyler candle, and a hand painted wine glass :)
  • My mom & I threw a shower for my sister.  My sister gave me massage envy gift cards, which is my favorite thing to get so she nailed it.  She gave my mom a Grandma frame amnd something else, but I can't remember what.  I have not yet figured out what to give them for hosting my shower.  Add that to the list of things to do.

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