How to BF and work full time with the second baby??

Hello, I've never posted on this board before, but I wanted to see if maybe you ladies could help me figure something out. First, some background...I BFed my first baby (he's two now), and didn't really do a great job. He didn't latch right, I got mastitis, got frustrated and then gave up BF for pumping...did that for 10 weeks and then switched to formula when I had to go back to work.

My question is this...I'm really wanting to give the BFing another shot with this baby (I'm 22 weeks with my second). How do you go BF after you go back to work? I would love to do it just for the morning and night time feedings, and then supplement with formula during the day for daycare so I don't have to pump at work (because really there's nowhere for me to do that in my office).

Is that possible?? How do I go about setting myself up for that if I only have 8 weeks maternity leave before I go back to full time job with TWO kids schedule??

Any help would be awesome. Thanks! :)

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Re: How to BF and work full time with the second baby??

  • I know it seems tough but you can do it.  My first LO just turned two and his little brother will be 12 weeks next week.  LO #2 would not latch for anything (long story) so I ended up just pumping.  There were days that I cried, wanted to quit more than anything but I just stuck with it.  What helps me the most was just getting through one day at a time.  I have "special" toys that i get out only when I pump if needed to play with my 2 year old and keep LO #2 next to me if he needs something.  One of the other biggest things was also owning my Medela Freestyle and not having to be tied to one spot. It's hard but well worth it. GL mama!


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