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Diaper bag ?

What did you ladies use for a diaper bag? My son and this next baby will be 13.5 months apart. Did you find a bag bigger than a normal sized one? Did you have two? Will my 13 month old still need a diaper bag? Thanks!
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Re: Diaper bag ?

  • Your 13 month old will definitely need a diaper bag.

    We use a backpack (High Sierra) and it has plenty of room for #2's stuff. Not the most fashionable thing, but it's not like we're attending cocktail parties...

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  • I just bought the Ju Ju Be Be prepared in earth leather, and it's great. I haven't tested it on 2u2 yet, obviously, but this is everything that my last diaper bag wasn't. I bought it on sale on Amazon. They have a video that was pretty informative, too.
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  • I bought a Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack. It's big enough for both kids, and can be worn as a messenger bag, or a backpack. I love it.
  • I don't know from experience yet but Skip Hop has a diaper bag that looks big enough for 2.  I was contemplating try this one.

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  • I don't know from experience yet but I have the Skip Hop Studio bag and plan to continue using it.  My 21mos old doesn't need a ton of stuff in the diaper bag so I think the bag will work for two.  My concern is that we're switching to cloth diapers for this baby and I'm not looking forward to carrying a wet bag.
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  • I had a skip hop duo double.. It fits across the handlebar of a side by side stroller and great for those outings but not really practical for on my shoulder. 

    I have many diaper bags and honestly I do end up using just a backpack. It's on your back so it's never in your way as you carry both kids. I have one with cup holders on each side for sippy cups 

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  • We also have the Ju Ju Be- Be Prepared. It is a fantastic diaper bag that is large enough to fit everything I need for both kids. I love that it has pockets in the inside to keep stuff in place rather then just dumping it in the bag.
  • My 2 are 13.5 months apart also. We have gone through a lot of diaper bags trying to find the right one. The backpack style didn't work for me at all since I was holding both children when going places and had no way to access the bag with kids in my arms while holding them in a pinch. The messenger style never worked either because there was no easy access or I couldn't just throw it in the car, I had to put it over my head to take off.

    Anyway, all that to say... I used a Carter's bag in the very beginning. It was fantastic! Huge, easy to access and had separate pockets so I could store the kids' stuff separately. It was perfect.

    Now I'm using a more attractive bag since the kids are requiring less. Love it!

    Also, you will definitely need a diaper bag for 2 kids 13.5 months apart. Without a doubt!

  • I love my Vera diaper bag, big enough but not too big.  I also use the out side pockets for my stuff so I don't need a purse too.  The best part it's very cute and has held up very well.
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  • image bellelamb:
    I love my Vera diaper bag, big enough but not too big.  I also use the out side pockets for my stuff so I don't need a purse too.  The best part it's very cute and has held up very well.

    Love my Vera bag too! And seeing how much space DD's things take up in there these days, I'm fairly certain it will be plenty big enough for 2, even using cloth diapers. I agree though, you'll still be using a bag when your LO is 13 months.

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  • I received the Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel as a gift. We cloth diaper and it's perfect for us.

    I keep a backpack in my car that has several extra diapers for both girls and two changes of clothes (plus a change of clothes for me!). In the backpack, I also have extra wipes, plastic bags, paci's, and an empty sippy cup. Having the extra emergency type items in the car always helps me keep my bag pretty light.

    I carry my wallet, glasses, make-up bag, cell, and keys in the mommy compartment and fill the rest with toys, snacks, diapers, wipes, and an extra onsie for DD2.

    I love the sashay satchel because it can be worn as a back pack too and, when not, the backpack straps can be discretely tucked in to the back pocket (where I also toss other things, of course). 

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