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Attached Upper Lip Frenulum

So I noticed my 3 month old son more then likely has an attached upper lip frenulum which is an extended upper lip frenulum. (An upper lip frenulum is located under the top lip, in the center, and attaches the lip to the upper gums.) So his frenulum is attached at the buttom of his top gums. I had no idea what problems it could cause or that this could even happen until I did research on the computer about it. I just noticed it one day that it was there. I realized that it may be the reason why he can't really hold a pacifier in his mouth and I always needed to hold it for him. I don't breast feed, I bottle feed, so that is not an issue. I know I have to talk to his pediatrician about it and have him look at it.

Has anyone else have had or is having this issue with their LO? If so what is your opinion about it and what should be done about it like surgery or not? Did your child really have speech problems with it if your child had this? Also what about the problems with teeth growing in? I am just learning about this so any info or opinions would be great. I am curious of other moms experiences and/or opinions. 

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Re: Attached Upper Lip Frenulum

  • When I was little 2 or 3 maybe 4 I had a frenulectomy. They cut that little piece of skin back. I still have I e it's just small. They said it was going to effect the spacing between my 2 front teeth so my mom had it done. Dont know if that helps at all...
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  • When leaving the hospital a nurse, who we never even saw before, brought this same thinng to my attention. I was really upset because LO saw a pediatrician each day in hospital (a different one each day cuz we go to a group practice) and no one mentioned anything to me my whole hospital stay. The pediatriacians never even noticed it. They told me he looked great!

     At his first appointment once we got home I mentioned it to the dr. He bearly even looked at it and said if it doesnt affect his nursing to leave it go. He said the "old school" thinking is to have it clipped and the "new school" thinking is to leave it. I plan on bringing it up at his next appointment because I read it could also affect speech. If you do get your childs clipped, its to my understanding that its not that big of a procedure.

    On a side note, my 6 year old was goofing around the other day. He fell and split his naturally (his was not attached, it was normal). How ironic is that! He was screaming in pain when his split but a couple hours later he was fine. Good Luck!

  • We go tomorrow morning (gulp) to an ENT. My 5 day old cannot latch without it being extremely painful for me, so I mentioned it to the dr. on Friday and she looked in his mouth. She suggested we see the ENT, but thinks they will just clip the bottom frenulum and he will be just fine. I will post any info I get...good luck.
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