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Yelled at by boss

Yesterday I was completely b****** at by my boss.  Apparently for something that has been going on for months that I was completely shocked by.  I am not perfect and I have my days. It she said I was rude to customers which like I said I have my days but most the time I think I am pretty nice and helpful. I work in insurance and it's been pretty stressful and I have run into situations I have never before but I am not stupid and I know how to be not to be.  I don't have a Suzie sunshine voice but I don't recall many times that a customer was pissed off about something I said.  It is unreasonable to want something brought to your attention right away so you can recall and fix or just accept a *** out session and verbal warning?   She said she was going to wait until my review which she is doing over the next few weeks and I have only been there for 6 months.  She compared me to our new girl who has been there for about a month but she's also worked in this setting for many years.  I have only for about a year.  Before this I had not worked directly with clients in 6 years. 

Re: Yelled at by boss

  • I expect my boss to address a problem when it comes up, and not to put it off and allow it to continue. It's hard to have a conversation about expectations while she is yelling at you, but maybe you could ask her to set aside some time to discuss both of your expectations for each other.
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  • She is going to be spending some one on one time with all of us so I think that will help.  It just was a reall crap way to start the weekend and I have a huge cloud over me.  I like my job a lot and I have a lot of faith that I know what I am doing.  Some situations I need a little more guidance.  Honestly most my mistskes were at the direction of my trainer which pisses me off. I even told my boss I was told to do xy and z. 
  • Ditto.  Take a breather to cool down.  Sounds like you recognize she had some valid points in her talk.  Set up time to talk to her again.  Acknowledge that you have received the message on those issues and are going to make a big effort in working on those points.  Then add something like "what can I do to ensure I get feedback on my performance a bit sooner this time so I can try and take more immediate corrective action?"  It's a nice way of saying "don't sandbag me next time" but shows initiative and drive for better yourself.  As for the Suzie sunshine, you really do need to let it roll of your back.  Personally, as people get more irate, I get more calm and soft-spoken (think Muzak voice).  Two reasons:  me getting upset usually will only further escalate the situation and quite frankly, some people tend to get more POed and out of control the calmer I get, which is both perversely enjoyable watching them lose it and people tend to make mistakes and let out info they shouldn't the madder they get.  Remain in control.

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