Has anyone relactated?

Please no judgements here. I EBF my LO for two weeks then got mastitis, I had no clue what was going on with me and felt like death so we EFF her up until now. I have not totally dried up, I can hand express a little bit. I started taking fenugreek last night and started pumping and putting her to my breast every chance I get. So here are my questions: 1. my nipples hurt like crazy whenever she is on, I know she has a good latch, is it just "toughing" them up again? 2. Any tips or advice on how to make this easier? 3. Has anyone been successful with relactating?

I talked to a LC last night via facebook (my friend) and will call when the one from my hospital gets there this morning.

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Re: Has anyone relactated?

  • I did! Similar timeframe. DD1 wouldn't latch. I tried for a few days and then quit by one week. By the end of the second week I decided I wasn't done. I talked to LCs and did research. Here's what worked. Pumping every 2 hours to get some milk going again, although I wasn't totally dry either. Put her to the breast, supplement, pump. It was exhausting! But worth it. By two months old, she was EBF. The pump makes me sore this go round. Good luck.
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