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Is this a good gift for a 2 year old girl?










A friends daughter is turning 2 and I'm stumped on what to get her.  I came across this leapfrog shapes & sharing picnic basket and thought it might be cute.  WDYT?  Age appropriate for a 2 year old?  If you have a different suggestion that would be great as well!


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Re: Is this a good gift for a 2 year old girl?

  • Yep, S has it and still takes it out to play with.
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  • definitely - dd got this for her bday and she loves it.  she still plays with it -  she loves to set up a picnic for us on the table :)
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  • My 2 year old would love that.
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  • I got one for dd whones hews like 7 mos old for Easter.  She has just started really playing with it.  It's a great idea!
  • Yes and double yes!  My DD got one for Xmas when she was 18 months.  She's now 25 months and insists on having picnics every day.  It plays music and asks questions about colors and shapes.  She practices matching up the shape of the food to the shapes of the holes on the plate.  It's fun and educational.  Great gift idea!
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