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Who does LO look like?

So I am noticing from the eye color post that a lot of people feel like their kiddos are favoring daddy in the looks department. Doesn't that seem kind of unfair? We carry the little buggers for nine months and they come out looking like mini versions of their daddies, mine does anyway. It must be a biological thing. Does anyone have an LO who is a mini you?
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Re: Who does LO look like?

  • No mini-me here. She is a 100% daddy look-a-like. The only thing she has of mine is dimples in her cheeks and my ears. Boring; lol. I always say "it's a good thing she came from me because otherwise you'd never know she was mine!"

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    No mini-me here. She is a 100% daddy look-a-like. The only thing she has of mine is dimples in her cheeks and my ears. Boring; lol. I always say "it's a good thing she came from me because otherwise you'd never know she was mine!"


    Exactly! I could have written this post, haha. 

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  • My LO looks just like me and his uncle (my brother).

    He has his dads eye shape, his dads big head, his dads hands and feet but otherwise - he's all mommy!

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  • I am 1/2 Mexican with dark hair/skin/eyes.  DH is Irish with red hair/fair skin/blue eyes.  We were certain that she was going to come out looking like me since my genes are more dominant but she looks exactly like DH (red hair and all). I swear if you wanted to know what my DH would look like as a 15 pound girl... just look at DD.
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  • I have a mini version (well, two actually, since we had identical twins) of my husband as well!  I was pretty sure they didn't look like me as a baby, so I had my MIL bring over pictures of my husband as a baby and it is like looking at a picture of my girls. They are THAT similar!  Its crazy. But, also good, cause I think all three of them are adorable. :)
  • Connor looked exactly like his daddy when he came out.  I'm talking, put their baby photos next to each other and you would have a hard time telling who was who!!  Now that he has filled out a bit, Connor clearly has my eyes and chubby cheeks.  I talked to the pedi about how much he looked like his dad and she said its actually due to evolution.  Babies come out looking like their dad because you know 100% who mama is but you never know 100% who daddy is!  I thought that was pretty cool!!

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  • DD is 100% Daddy...  I was even shocked the first time I saw her.  it's really funny because people always react the same way... "Oh my god she looks exactly like (DH)" Then they struggle to find some way that she looks like me so that I won't be offended.  My aunt decided that she has my knees (which by the way are one of my worst features...knobby and crooked!)

    I tell DH that we don't need to go to need for any paternity tests...It definitely wasn't the milkman!

    I actually carry a picture of DH at 3 days old to show people when they comment on it...If it wasn't for the age of the picture you'd swear it was the same child.  I wish I had a scanner nearby to post it next to her 5 day pic. It' unbelievable.


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  • Same here. I'm sort of jealous because I want to be able to say she looks like me,,, But she's so darn cute I guess I can't complain! 
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  • My friend told me that she read somewhere (because I have not actually read it I don't know how credible this is) that most babies come out looking like their dad to help dad's bond/relate to the baby. It makes sense to me, but again I have no idea if it's true!
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  • Ok so ava has my husbands eyes. And hair haha if i let it grow out its really curly. Ava is 98%me right down to even my toes. Lol its amazing. I told my husband little girls are supposed to look like their moms. When we have a boy he can look like my husband ;)
  • I saw pics of my husband as a baby and Fifi is the spitting image (except her lips which are totally mine as a baby). I had taken a pic of hubby's baby pic with my phone and texted it to my father. He totally thought it was his granddaughter!

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