How do I get a Rental?

I'm not sure where to company, pedi, OB, LC?

I have a PISA and a Freestyle but I don't feel like they are emptying my breasts well.  I use both at full suction and recently seem to be having a harder and harder time getting a letdown and then getting enough milk out.  I also don't feel anythign when my nipples are being tugged...I should feel that right?

I think I am desensitized to the pumps after EPing for DD and now pumping at work for DS.

It may be my pump(s) malfunctioning - but I'm beginning to think it is me.

Anyone else pump at full suction (level 9 on a freestyle) and still not feel anything?

How do I get a rental pump to try out?  Are they any stronger than the at-home ones?

A 7/2010 - 9 pounds 1 oz, 22 in

T 3/2012 - 11 pounds, 22 in


Re: How do I get a Rental?

  • I would suggest contacting a Lactation Consultant. There is a wonderful store in the Chicagoland area called, New Mother New Baby, and they have both a certified lactation consultant as well as rental equipment (this is where I rented my breast pump when I had trouble BFing my son). There was a stronger pump available and it may be that the accessory pieces you are using are not optimal (the part that actaully attaches to your breast). When I brought my pump in to the LC she fitted me with the correct size and it made a big difference. I wuold start there - I doubt the insurance company will help you but it couldn't hurt to ask.
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  • The hospital where you had your child may rent pumps but I think the expertise of a LC is priceless!


    Good luck!

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