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LO doesnt like to snuggle

My baby girl is 3 weeks old and usually at night she's pretty upset (I thought it was witching hour) so last night I laid her in her crib so I could pee, by the time I finished and got in there she was perfectly happy. She laid in there for over an hour just kicking until she fell asleep. Makes me sad she doesn't want to snuggle me. My DS was like this too. 
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Re: LO doesnt like to snuggle

  • My son is like this too! He likes when I sit him up on me, facing me (we "talk") and when I have him lay on my while I am sitting (He faces out). He looks out into the world and yet I am still holding him. A few times a day I'll have him lay on my chest on his belly so it's pseudo tummy time, but he only lasts a few minutes. Snuggling with me is not something he loves and he squirms and fusses almost right away. He also loves his independence and plays in the bouncer and on the playmat. He gets bored easily, especially at night, so I have to change his activities up often. 

    I sometimes get sad that he doesn't snuggle/hug me, but I know that things are apt to change later.  

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  • Teagan is the exact same way!  I sometimes feel bad that I'm not holding her enough but she doesn't seem to like being held!  She is perfectly content laying on a blanket on the floor watching the dogs walk by.  She loves when we sit on the floor with her and talk to her so at least we can interact with her that way.  DD1 isn't a snuggler either really so I guess little sis is following her footsteps.
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