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Apparently fruit is making me fat...

So, I have more of a sweet tooth than ever before since I started 3rd tri and I've been trying to feed those cravings with fruit (lots of berries, watermelon, and peaches mostly). Went to the dr today and found out that I've gained 22 lbs. so far. I'm only supposed to gain 25-30 through the whole pregnancy and I'm only 30 weeks this Thursday! My doc told me that it's probably because I'm eating too much fruit and I need to switch to more protein and veggies (not that I'm arguing that this wouldn't be healthy; I trust the doc). I feel like the rest of my diet has been well-balanced, and was sure that feeding sweet cravings with fruit was the way to go! I've also been going to the gym 4-5 days/ wk since May, doing cardio, light weights or both. I've been feeling so good and now I feel all fat and worried :( Sorry, needed to vent a bit. Time to put my happy face back on!
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Re: Apparently fruit is making me fat...

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    I think limiting yourself to 2 servings of fruit per day would be a good idea. Try it and see what happens. I had a big weight gain and I added more protein back into my diet and it did help.
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  • Oh boo... I would be upset too. I think your idea of going with fruit was a smart idea! It sounds like you are doing everything right, and making conscious decisions. You make me feel like a total slug (hence my weight gain)! I wouldn't stress *too* much about it... you are doing almost everything right.. just cut back a little bit, but know that you are doing the right thing!


  • It's so hard to control your weight gain when pg!!! My dr told me to watch my weight when I was 36 weeks pg with ds. 
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  • In a normal pregnancy, a woman gains an average of 1lb per week in the 3rd tri.  If you're up 22 lbs at 30w, you'd only be up 32 lbs at 40w using that average as a baseline.  I wouldn't worry about it unless your gain at this appt was more than that 1 lb/wk average.
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  • I try to limit my fruit too because I was going crazy with it.  I have it with breakfast and then again as a midmorning snack.  I'll have watermelon and an English muffin or Eggo waffles for breakfast, then have a banana or some strawberries a few hours later.  Afternoon I eat lunch, then make sure my snack is either carrots and hummus, a Fiber One 90 calorie bar, or some Greek yogurt, since it's higher in protein.

    I did however eat an entire bag of Sweedish fish since yesterday because I forgot to cut up my watermelon yesterday when I bought it so I had no morning fruit...


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  • I gained 60 pounds with my son! Don't feel bad for gaining 22 pounds! Even if you gain a total of 32 by your due date you will lose 20 pounds with no effort just having the baby; then you will have to work to lose 12 pounds - not bad at all :) Sounds like you are doing a great job with your diet. If you are concerned, you could swap out the watermellon with another fruit that isn't so high on the glycemic index (watermellon is basically sugar and water with little else...) berries or apples and pears would be better (they have less sugar and more fiber). Watermellon is terribly high in sugar and tropical fruits aren't much better (pineapple, mango, papaya, bananas).

    Good luck and don't be too hard on yourself!

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  • Ugh, isn't it frustrating when fruit suddently becomes the "bad guy".  My midwife is the same way - very strict with diet and I am also working out at least four days a week. 

    My weight gain is not an issue but my midwife is still afraid my kid is "big" so I've been told to watch it even more closely than I already was.  -No pasta (whole wheat or otherwise), no bread, no white flour, no refined sugar, no processed foods, no fruit juice, no more than 2 servings of fruit (preferably apples). 

    At this point, I'm especially sick of lentils, beans and oatmeal and I'd love to drink something other than water or raspberry leaf tea and I'd really love a big bowl of linguine with lots of butter and ice cream.  Is it wrong that I have a bag of M&Ms packed in my hospital bag as an act of rebellion/post birth celebration??

    I know it's frustrating when you feel like you are doing a pretty good job and then you are told it's "not enough". 

    Good luck! 

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  • This makes me think of those horrible "when you crave this, eat that" type advices, where they say "if you crave potato chips, eat an apple because it's crunchy!" But this is more like you followed that advice and then that still wasn't good enough.

    Still, I don't think your dr is trying to say fruit is evil but just to go for everything in moderation. Good luck!

  • Fruit is not a bad craving to have. I've also been eating pretty healthy but gained 50 lbs which is really depressing. Some women gain more and there's nothing you can do about it. Mine has mostly been bc I've moved states and it's too stinking hot here to go walking but honestly, keep up the good eating habits. It's better than feeding that sweet tooth with candy and sweets. If your body is craving something and it's healthy, then I say listen to your body! Don't fret. You're growing a baby!
  • My doctor told me the same thing. I just cut back to one serving a day. :(
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  • I feel you! My doctor told me I had gained too much at my last appointment. Thinking back,  I overindulged on the fruit juice, oh well.  Now trying to get back on track but it's soooooooo hard! I've gained 35 lbs already at 35 weeks.  Hoping to keep it close to the expected!  Good luck!

  • Thank you ladies so much for all the support and helpful hints! You guys got my happy face going again in no time :) I <3 this board
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