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41 weeks, 4cm, 90 effaced, 0 station? What gives?

Okay, I have been dilated 4 cm, 90 % effaced and baby at 0 station since 38 weeks. This is baby #3 so thought for sure he/she would have arrived by now! I am going a little stir crazy b/c I started materntiy leave at 40 weeks and now feel like I am just wasting time. I would much prefer to have my sweet baby to spend my maternity leave with! I walk daily, sometimes 2 x day, tried sex almost daily, been taking 5W since 35 weeks (herbal supp w/ raspberry leaf tea, black cohosh etc) but still no labor. Any suggestions? I know the logic, baby will come when baby is ready but mommy is ready and I don't want to be induced!


Re: 41 weeks, 4cm, 90 effaced, 0 station? What gives?

  • Hang in there--I went to 42 weeks and was 3 cm for a month.  Go get your nails done, go shopping, meet friends for lunch--all things that will be so much harder to do in a few days!
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  • first I have to say is that "that sucks!" I am only 38 weeks and I already antsy for this baby girl to get out of me.  I just want to hold her already.  I did accupunture with my first and that seemed to help labor along.  Give it a try- it wouldn't hurt!


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  • I was very antsy with my 2nd one to go into labor because my first labor was before my due date, short and very easy. Well, the baby was measuring large so they offered to induce me with no dilation or effacement. I really thought that I would start the meds and my body would take over and it would be another amazing experience. I was WRONG! Now, I didn't get an epidural and I had the one doctor in my practice that I hated, so I am sure that had a lot to do with it. It was one of the worst experiences of my life.  I will not be induced this time around unless it is an absolute must for the health of the baby.

    Keep yourself busy and remember that all of this progress that you have now means that you are way farther along when you actually go into labor. 

  • you are not wasting your time,take the time to rest, organize and prepare.  spend time with your other kids and enjoy the time off.


    good luck


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  • Ugh!  I feel your pain although I'm only 39 weeks (3cm/60%) but this is my 4th pregnancy and my Dr. leaves town on Friday!  My 1st was premature, 2nd was born on his due date and my 3rd at exactly 39 weeks.   I walked 4 miles this morning and sex hasn't work thus far either - waiting while completely prepared is not fun!
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  • Thanks for the support. I am headed in for and US and stress test tomorrow but I am on board w/ my midwifery group to wait as long as safe for baby before inducing! I have really tried to keep busy and enjoy my little ones before the new baby takes attention away!
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