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I am the pacifier

My DS is 31weeks, and has only gone a few hours here and there away from DH or myself. Our work schedules make it so that DH is home in the morning and I am home in the afternoon and evening.

Lately, I cannot put DS down or leave the room without him crying. Even if he is sitting on DH's lap. DH thinks that I hold him all the time, which I don't. I do hold him more than DH does. We play together where I'm close, but not holding him, and DH does too. DS is always near us, even if not being held.

I guess I'm just not sure how to handle this. Is it a phase?

I've been wondering if maybe wearing him while I'm home again may be a possible solution

Any ideas?
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Re: I am the pacifier

  • His age right now is often the beginning of separation anxiety so it's likely just a phase, but it may last awhile. 

    I try to distract my son with something then slip away if he gets upset when I leave. If that doesn't work I'll let him fuss for the 2 minutes I'm switching the laundry around. If he's having an exceptionally clingy day I will pop him in the Ergo. 

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