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NT Scan - when are you getting?

So I just got off the phone with my doctor's office and I was supposed to be scheduled for my NT scan during the week of August 13th, during which I would be 12 weeks.  They told me that my scan is scheduled for August 20th and I will be 13 weeks/two days at that time.  I'm so annoyed that I have to wait 3 more weeks and I read somewhere that it's best to do this test around 11 weeks.  When are all of you ladies getting yours (if you are in fact getting them)?
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Re: NT Scan - when are you getting?

  • Mine will be at 12 weeks. At my last appt the doctor told me there's a range when you can get it -- I can't remember exactly, but I think he said something like 11w3d - 12w6d or something like that. He didn't mention one week being better than the other though.

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  • Tomorrow!

    We have our scan right after lunch time, then sit down with the specialist to go over all the details. Anticipation is killing me. I'm sorry you have a few more weeks! :(  

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  • you can get it at 11-13 wks...mine is 8/10 I will be 12 wks 3 days...I wouldnt mind waiting til 13 wks though...baby is even more formed and that picture will be sooo cute! :)

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  • I had an unofficial scan last week after my failed CVS test at 11 weeks. When I was pg with B and M, my scan was done around 12 weeks. The baby's nuchal fold measurement was a little smaller this time since it was so early, but it still fell into the normal range, so the doctor was pleased. I think the same would apply to a test done at the later end of the scale...as long as the measurement isn't too large, you should be fine.

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  • Friday, 11w6d according to egg retrieval, 12w according to the babys measurements. 

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  • My office gave me paperwork stating the NT scan can be done between 10w6d & 14w2d.  I'll be having my NT scan & first blood test done when I will be 12w1d.  While I was completely bummed that I needed to wait another 2 weeks to see my baby (made the appointment last week) I am trying to remain positive with the thought that when we do see our little stinker that we'll be 12 weeks along and can feel more comfortable with our official announcement.  Hang in there!


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  • I will be 12 weeks 6 days. 
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  • At 13 weeks according to their growth. 
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  • I'm actually a bit confused/concerned about this. Since my first apt was earlier than we anticipated, my 2nd was at 10wks (not 12) & my 3rd isn't until 15wks! The office never even mentioned doing a NT scan & I don't know if they plan to. I'm going to be calling today for sure...

    Update: Called the office & not scheduling my NT was a total "oops" - now will be getting mine done at 12w5d. Glad I called!

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  • Mine is August 6, I will be 12 w 3 days
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  • mine will be at 11w6d next thursday the 8th
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  • The handout my doc gave me said you can have the bloodwork done anytime after 9 weeks 4 days and 13 weeks, 6 days, and can have the ultrasound done between 11 weeks 0 days and 13 weeks 6 days.  I had my bloodwork done at 9 weeks 4 days and my ultrasound at 11 weeks 4 days. 
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  • Thanks ladies, I asked the woman on the phone who made my appointment if the test should be earlier and she said 13 weeks was good for the test, but I wanted to see when everyone else was getting it.  Sounds like most people are getting them at 12 weeks but 13 weeks is not bad or missing the window.  I'm so mad that I have to wait though because I am so impatient...plus I wanted to wait until after that test to tell the rest of the world and my job. I'm wishing the entire summer away...can't wait for three more weeks! 
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  • Mine will be at 12 weeks exactly
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  • Mine is August 9th, so next week!! I'll be 12 weeks and 3 days. They wanted to schedule me closer to 13 than 10 or 11. I also kind of wanted to hold out because there will be more to see.

    We haven't had any kind of confirmation that there is an actual baby in there except for one blood test, so we're pretty stoked!!

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  • Mine will be at 11 weeks 4 days
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  • I think I was a little over 13 weeks w/ DD. This time I will be 12 weeks, 3 days (Thursday...I'm nervous)!


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  • Mine is Aug 6th, I'll be 12w1d
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  • Mine is today...I am 13 wks 4 days....cutting it close. Work sent me away and this was the earliest I can get in. So nervous!! Everyone said this is totally fine though.
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  • The MFM who did mine likes to do them at exactly 12 weeks bc she feels that is the optimal time for being able to take the necessary measurements.  So that's when I had mine.  But the doctor I saw with DS would do them anywhere between 11w and 13w6d, so each doctor is different.
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  • I?ll be getting the scan and bloodwork done on august 14th and Ill be 13w 4d. Will be the first time we get to see the bubba aswell. The first scan I had at 5w 4d just showed an empty sac.

    I?m sooo hoping the babe has progressed normally and is ok.

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  • Mine will be at 12w6d.  I wanted to make it for closer to the 12 week mark, but work had me push my appointment back a week.
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  • Mine will also be at 12 weeks, I'm having it on Friday.
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  • Mine will also be right at 12 weeks (this Wednesday!) - but I was told anywhere from 11 weeks to 13 weeks and change was fine.  It's so hard to wait - but at least you'll see that much more!
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  • August 13th at 13 weeks.  Can't wait to see LO again!

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  • My paperwork from the doctors office says sometime between 11w3d and 13w3d.  Supposedly they were going to call with my insurance info and get me scheduled, but I haven't heard anything yet.  If I haven't gotten a phone call by Wednesday I will be calling, I'd prefer to have mine done in the 12th week, so that we can reschedule if baby doesn't cooperate.
  • I had the bloodwork done last week and I have the scan next week and I'll be 12w1d
  • I am having mine on Weds, Aug 1st. I will be 12w6d. This will be my 4th ultrasound with this pregnancy. So it is nice to have reassurance.
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