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The Closers (Jan. 27-31) Weekly Check-In (Week of 7/30/12)

Good morning, Closers! I hope everyone had a great weekend and is feeling good on this Monday morning.

 I'm drawing a blank for a question of the week this week! I guess my prego brain just has the best of me this morning. lol

I can say that I've noticed a sudden influx of people's opinions on my pregnancy as well as some rude and uninvited comments. Anyone else having this issue?

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Re: The Closers (Jan. 27-31) Weekly Check-In (Week of 7/30/12)

  • No, I noticed that more the first time around. I think that I am still at the point where strangers are questioning whether I am chubby or pregnant, so the unsolicited advice from random people hasn't started yet. I also look older which helps. Last time, I was 23 but looked closer to 18 or 19. I got a lot of sideways glances and "teenage mother" comments.
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  • Nothing really this time, but I had a lot of it last time. When I found out I was pregnant with DD, DH and I had only known each other about 2 months. Every just thought that we were going to be that statistic. Your "one night stand" situation even though we were dating. I just learned to ignore them, and now 3 years later we are married with #2 on the way. So people can shove it :)
  • So far everybody has been great. The only real "advice" has been given about how to save money on baby stuff. I don't mind really cuz some of it was really helpful!

    The weird thing that is starting to bug me, is friends who find out I'm pregnant (I'm not showing at all, not gonna lie I'm overweight BEFORE I got pregnant). They come up and "touch the baby". But they touch ABOVE the belly button, the baby is not there right now. You're just touching my belly fat and it's awkward!

    So I've made a decision. If a random stranger comes up and touches my belly I'm going to grab their boobs. And comment about how inappropriate it is to touch people without asking. When it comes to friends I don't know yet, if I'm feeling in a don't touch mood, I guess I'll tell them not too.

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  • I haven't gotten any comments, but I haven't really been around people I normally see. I'm sure once I go back to work, the rude comments will start flying. Goody. 
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  • The only rude comment/question I have gotten is "YOU ARE PREGNANT AGAIN?"  Surprise This irkes me a lot.  I know my LO's will be close in age but do they really have to ask something like that?

    On another note: I wanted to ask if we can check in more than once a week? It would be nice to have this done twice a week :) (if possible of course)

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  • Not yet but I'm sure it will come eventually. I have had people telling me all about their birthing experience and how they did things. Hopefully nothing too rude will be said!!

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    Lots of love TBBFF lobosabby!! Always rooting for the TTGP girls

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  • I haven't had any yet. I thought I would have more, since DD is just 13 months old, but so far, people have reacted positvely.  

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  • I'm getting some advice about what to eat, what not to eat, etc. I just nod, say thanks, and stick with what my dr told me :-)
  • I am feeling so much better almost normal! I am 14 weeks today! And I hope to hear my little ones heartbeat wednesday if not she said I will have to get an ultrasound this time =) I have had a headache for 2 days hoping it will subside soon. 


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  • I've just been bothered by my parents being a little overbearing about telling me what to eat. They have switched to eating ALL organic and natural stuff, which is great, but that also means they have something to say to me (apparently) if I want to order Chinese food one night.

    Also, this woman at work (who is really rude at all times, so I know this shouldn't really bother me as much, but it did) made a comment to me last week that I couldn't believe she said. I was talking about going to one of my favorite restaurants and getting their salad (they are known for their awesome salad), which has feta cheese on it. So I said that I hope they used pasteurized feta otherwise I couldn't have it. She says to me "Well, this is the reason why there are so many sick kids. Because their mothers don't eat anything when they're pregnant." I looked at her and told her that I eat PLENTY and I'd much rather avoid foods I was told not to eat, thank you very much. I couldn't believe she actually said that! And I know I'm probably being a little more paranoid about the food thing than I should be, but I had a miscarriage before this pregnancy, so I'd rather be overly cautious than not at all.

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  • I haven't gotten many rude/unwanted comments this time. But that's largely because I haven't made a big pregnancy announcement at work, due to the two busy bodies.  Everyone but those two knows either because I directly told them or it came up in conversation.  Last time they would comment/advise on everything and also treated me like I was dying.   Instead they have decided to start and 'office rumor" that I might be pregnant.  Joke's on them, that everyone already knows and just isn't saying anything because they're all tired of busy bodies too.
  • I had to get genetic counseling before having the NT scan (standard procedure for the hospital).  My mother got so upset upon hearing this saying you are not old why did they make you have that.  But in reality I know I am very old for becoming a first time mom (I am 34, DH is 39) so wanted the scan.  I know this wasn't insulting but just wish she could face reality with me, but she was the same way when I was going through infertility treatment.  DH also jokes with me a lot about my sudden influx of wanting to watch baby shows.
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  • Hello lovely ladies!

    We just announced the pregnancy to the general public this week, so people haven't had the chance to touch my belly or give any unrequested advice...yet. My mom and MIL are pretty chill about advice and never get shrill or bossy.

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    Fortunately at this point I haven't had any unsolicited advice that annoyed me. I'm still too excited to be annoyed. 

     On another note... Since we're all in the last week of Jan and so much further behind than the likes of the beginning of Jan mama's, who are already feeling LO move... Are you guys envious of them? I know in my head I'll get to week 17 soon enough, but I wish I could be experiencing the "butterflies" too!

     Or is it just me? 

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  • Yay! 14 weeks today and not feeling nauseous much any more.  Unfortunately, headaches abound and Tylenol and ice-packs don't do the trick. 

    Much to my surprise, it has been *my* parents who have been overbearing so far.  We had a BIG discussion via e-mail with my dad over our dogs.  And last week my mom jumped all over me about our financial situation and me working.  My mom has also bugged me about what I've been eating the whole time.  Makes me sad. :(  Didn't want them to be those in-laws.  My mom has apologized though so...hopefully ask I keep standing up for myself and my husband, things will get better.

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  • Hi! I'm late as usual. Busy busy day.

    I'm just over 14 weeks and I was told I did feel the baby when I thought it was a bladder spasm. I had a lot of UTIs one summer and thank goodness learned my lesson about hydration, but I kept feeling something akin to that, little twinges near my bladder/cervix. Apparently, that's the baby. Whoops. Panicked for a bit but we're good! It isn't consistent at all, but it was cool to know that's what it was!

    Today's rude comment from one of my students (adults), "I knew you were pregnant! You're boobs are HUUUUGE now!" *headdesk* Why is it okay to say this to a pregnant lady?



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  • We are just now starting to tell more people (after this weekend we're going to be pretty much open about it) so luckily we haven't gotten too many annoying comments (or belly touches).

    Though my BIL right away was all about me getting an epi, and to get it early (I'm planning on a med-free birth). My sister just had her 3rd child in early June and I guess her middle one she didn't ask for it early enough so still felt quite a lot and was really freaking out. He insisted that you could never prepare yourself for that kind of pain and how horrible it was. I just smiled and nodded and said "okay" and never once mentioned my plans (as this happened around week 10 or 11). And all of this coming from a doctor. I am so not looking forward to the day he finds out we're going with a MW at a birth center.

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  • I don't think I got to posting for last week, but I caught this weeks!

    I am just over 13 weeks and had an appt today.  We had an ultrasound and got to see the bun!  We had one when I went at 10 weeks too, and it's crazy to see how much the bun has grown since then.  The best part about today's appt was that DD was with us and she got to see the baby which she thought was really cool!

    We have not made the big announcement yet and I do not go back to work until Aug 20, so nothing bothering me yet.  Kind of similar experience was last week when DD did outed us at a get together with some friends and one friend in particular reacted to her not knowing about it.

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