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intro/ when are you breaking the news?

Hi ladies! We found out last week that I'm pregnant- I'm guessing I'm about 5 weeks now according to my last period. We are very excited but want to wait till 3 months to break the news, just in case. When are you telliing your family/friends?? I don't know if I'll be able to hold out that long! Here's wishing we all have healthy and happy 9 months!


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Re: intro/ when are you breaking the news?

  • I'm breaking the news after my first appt., or maybe even at 12 weeks. Still not sure.


  • the best advice i've read on the boards on this topic is don't tell anyone you wouldn't feel comfortable untelling. My mother knows - still need to tell my dad and sister. A few of my very close friends know as well. My boyfriend on the other hand has told EVERYONE (luckily his friends). He's just so excited.
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  • Ditto what PP said.  I told my mom/dad, his mom/dad, and my two best friends at 5 weeks (a week after I found out).  They all knew last time when I got pg and mc-ed early.  They all were so supportive and it helped a ton.  I also told my BILs/SILs last time but decided against it this time.  One SIL was really upset to find out so early because she was afraid I would mc and of course I did.

    This time I will tell BIL/SILs after my 1st appointment (8/13).  Hopefully I'll have an u/s asap after that to share with one BIL/SIL that are far away.  The other we will give a baby bib to as our "souvenir" from vacation (we conceived on vacation) 

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  • Congrats and welcome! We've already told parents, siblings and our immediate circle of friends. We can't keep a secret and they all knew we were trying so it was a pretty open topic of conversation for us. 
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  • My first appointment is in about a week.  I'll be about 8 weeks and was told they would do an ultrasound then so if everything looks okay after that, we will spill the beans then.
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  • yep i told my mom and in-laws, haven't gotten to my dad or sister yet, and I also had to tell my manager at work just because I almost passed out one day (I figured she deserved to kno if anything else happened) but anyone else i am waiting til that 1st appt atleast
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  • Congrats and welcome!

    We told both sets of parents about a week after we found out.  We told our siblings at about 8 weeks.  A couple of close friends know.  Other than that, we are waiting until the 2nd tri to tell. 

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  • Welcome!  I have told 2 friends but other than that, we are waiting until 10-12 weeks to tell anyone else (including our parents & siblings).  It will be the first grandchild for both sets of parents and I don't want to have them get all excited only to be disappointed.  Plus, my MIL means well but she has no filter when she gets excited and we have to assume that extended family will find out shortly after MIL knows.

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  • I am waiting until my 1st appt which I believe I'll be 8 weeks but this is only to our parents. 

    Hopefully they can keep the news to themselves.

  • Welcome!

    We've told my parents, my sister and H's parents. For us, we've always waited to tell people unless they were people we would tell if we were to have a m/c. We'll tell everyone else once we're in the 2nd tri.  

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  • Hopefully we'll tell his mother and sister when we visit @7 weeks. Possibly my parents after that.
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  • image JenBee74:
    Congrats and welcome! We've already told parents, siblings and our immediate circle of friends. We can't keep a secret and they all knew we were trying so it was a pretty open topic of conversation for us. 

    same here! we have a previous loss but i wanted everyone to be excited with us and if something were to happen then we will have them as a support system. i could never wait to tell people i am too excited and would never be able to hold it in

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  • We told a few people right away, (SIL + brother, my mom, and my friend - only because we were in a cpr class and I told her not to do the heimlich maneuver on me and she guessed why lol).  We already had our first appointment and we were going to tell some others after but I feel that I've waited this long, I want to wait until 12-14 weeks to tell everyone else.  At first I wanted to tell EVERYONE right away, and after waiting it's become like a game of "how long can I wait before I tell anyone" and it's not hard anymore.
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  • We aren't planning on telling everyone until labor day weekend ( I will be almost 12 weeks by then).  We have told our families and a few friends know mainly because we have an active social life and since I'm not drinking anymore and not eating certain things at the dinner parties we attend the wives in our group have started to figure it out and aren't shy about making sure I know they know.  My first appointment isn't until the end of August but I have already had all my blood work done and things looked good.
  • My first pregnancy ended in a m/c at 9 weeks & I had told all of my friends and family before the pee was dry on the pregnancy test. I was glad I told them b/c I needed their support when I unfortunately m/c. 

    This pregnancy I'm 6 weeks now & only my Mom,Dad, Sister & my very best friends know. DH didn't tell a soul yet. He really wants to wait until my 3 month mark God willing I get there. I am going to try my very hardest to wait until then to tell everyone else too.

     It's such a personal decision. Do whatever you feel comfortable with.


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  • Hi there! Welcome and congrats! We've told some family and close friends who have been extremely supportive since our loss during our last PG; we'll wait to tell everyone around 12 or 13 weeks.
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  • image Bliss+Berry:
    My first appointment is in about a week.  I'll be about 8 weeks and was told they would do an ultrasound then so if everything looks okay after that, we will spill the beans then.

    This. A few more days....!!

    We'll still probably only tell our parents and very close friends until 12 weeks.

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  • toriwctoriwc
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    I'm only 5w 4 days. I've already told my boss because I am high risk and will have to be leaving school (I teach) often for appts.  Our immediate families know, and my closest friends.  I'll announce at school and on FB at 12 weeks.
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  • we did IUI, so wetold my parents and DH's parents right away - along with our siblings, my aunt, grandma and best friend (if something happens, they'll be our support system). They also knew it was happening

    Told my boss sicne I will be goign to dcotors appointments.

    Waiting til second trimester starts to tell larger group.

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  • We told our moms and best friends right away.  We will wait to tell the rest of our family and friends until we are around 13 weeks.
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  • we tol.d immediate family and close friends right away.

    Telling work and FB after 12 weeks.

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  • I have this same concern and I convinced myself it would be ok to let the cat out the bag after my first appt.....Same to you as wellBig Smile



  • As a pp poster said, don't tell anybody you'd not want to untell. 

    I was called out of the closet at 19 wks at a family members memorial service (awesome. not, I hadn't even told my mother).  And at work I didn't say a word to my boss until in the 20+ week range, then it was pretty much obvious that it became common knowlege at work so I decided to out myself on FB in the 5 monthish range. 

     I'm praying that I can tell others good news at the end of september.  16ish weeks, since I probably wont be able to hide it that long this time.   

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