Shallow latch/positioning -- help please!

Just when I thought we had it figured out ...

DS is 12 weeks old and BF has been going pretty well, only twice this week he has had a shallow latch on the right breast, and positioned the nipple a bit low in his mouth. So part of my breast is not emptying and some of my ducts are getting clogged.

Just now I tried breaking the seal and correcting the positioning multiple times, and I have no idea how to get him to latch more deeply. This is a pretty new problem, as we've had a pretty good run of BF for weeks without any problems.

I'm suspecting this is in part a body positioning problem. Most of the time we nurse with me in a reclined position with him lying across my body, but this has been getting a bit awkward as his body has gotten longer. 

I am going to try to nurse him lying down at our next feeding in a few hours, which should relieve the clogging, but it's not always practical to nurse him that way. 

Any ideas as to how to improve the latch when we are nursing in a sitting/reclining position? 

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Re: Shallow latch/positioning -- help please!

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