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Heart rate and tilted uterus

Hey Ladies!

 Those of you that are at or past the 8 week mark....what was baby's heart rate at your 8 week appointment or shortly after?

Also....anyone with a tilted uterus?  My dr was not able to find the baby by doing a vaginal ultrasound she actually had to do an ultrasound on top of my belly to find the baby but we couldn't really see it.

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Re: Heart rate and tilted uterus

  • I have a tilted uterus and it always takes a bit more maneuvering with a trans vaginal u/s but they can usually get the measurements they need.  With this pregnancy I had one at 6w2d due to bleeding and they were still able to see what they needed to see.

    I don't have a heart rate from around 8 weeks, but it was 116 at 6w2d and 189 at 10 weeks.   At 8 weeks I believe 120- 180/200ish is normal. 

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  • I have a tilted uterus as well. My doctor performed a transvaginal ultrasound at 8 weeis 4 days and it took some manuvering and moving around to see baby but my dr was able to find baby and his/her heartrate was 174bpm.

    I had a scare Friday night with some light spotting that lasted 2 hours so I went into the ER and I was exactly 10 weeks Saturday so when they did the ultrasound baby had a heartrate of 158. They did this ultrasound over the top of my stomach and we were able to see baby pretty good then.

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  • Im 11 weeks and we found out at my doctor's apt on Friday that my uterus has tilted back into my pelvis bone for this pregnancy. The doctor assured me that it is fairly common especially since I had previously had a child and that it should correct itself within a week or so. We were unable to find the baby's heartbeat with the sonar that they use in his office, but no worries. It is still early. 
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