How long to wait before using a bottle?

I am EBF but I am thinking of pumping and letting DH use a bottle while I need to leave the house for a couple hours. I can take her with me, but it would be a lot of hassle if I needed to feed her while I was gone. She will be exactly 3 weeks old. Is that too early to introduce a bottle? TIA

Re: How long to wait before using a bottle?

  • My son will be 3 weeks tomorrow. He has had a bottle 2 times this week. It hasn't effected him nursing at all. 
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  • The general guideline for introducing a bottle is 4-6 weeks, or once nursing is well established. If nursing is going well I would feel okay offering the bottle. If you are struggling with latch or other issues, I would give it more time before trying a bottle.
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  • My pediatrician and LC suggested introducing a bottle between 2-3 weeks. They both said there is a "magic window." I gave DS one last week and it went fine.
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  • You shouldn't intro a bottle or dummy until 4-6w. I waited until 8w, and he mostly hates it. (since it wasn't my choice, that's fine by me)

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    We had a latch issue and thrush early on so I didn't intro a bottle until 8-10 weeks. LO took the first bottle swimmingly but since then won't take it (now 6 mo) and I would really like her to so I can get a break and get some longer stretches of sleep at night. If I had it to do again I'd intro the bottle at 4-6 weeks.  
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    DO IT NOW!!!!  Otherwise you could be in the unfortunate position (that I am in) where your baby totally refuses the bottle.  My DD refused the botte at 2 months and we have had no luck since.  You do not want to be in this situation- beleive me.
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