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For you ladies who are past 12 weeks...are your boobs still killing you?  I thought I was supposed to have some relief by now, but I think they've gotten worse!  I'm having a hard time sleeping on my stomach and even hugging people.  My mini-dachshund jumped on them a couple of days ago and the pain was so intense I screamed. 

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Re: Boobs

  • Mine actually just started being sore and getting fuller. I read that this is normal for 2nd-timers though.  I'm trying to remember but I think the soreness went away for me in the 2nd tri during my 1st pg. Sorry you're dealing with painful "girls."  That should subside soon!
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  • Mine still hurt, thye really hurt at night when I change positions in bed though. I finally bought a bra that fits and is so comfy so that makes it a little better
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  • Mine are still just as sore and seem to be getting fuller!! If I change positions while sleeping and roll over on them it wakes me up in agony!!

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  • OMG! This is my worst pregnancy issue.  They are absolutely killing me.  I feel like someone grabbed a bunch of rocks and shoved them under my skin.  Side/stomach sleeping is so painful.

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  • Mine are definitely still sore. My BIL hugged me the other day and I thought they were for sure being ripped off my body or something equally as horrible and painful. 

    ETA: My cat constantly walks across them and lays on them. I think he's planning to kill me.  

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  • My pain has subsided some. They are still way fuller than normal, but no longer insanely sore. I am 11 weeks 5 days today.
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