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Toddler in the bathroom post partum...

Stupid question from a lurker... I'm 38 weeks pregnant with #2 and DD is 23 months. Starting to think of the stupidiest things of manging 2 at home.  The latest thing I came up with today is what to do with post partum bathroom issues - DD is almost always in the bathroom with me as she is newly toilet trained and likes to flush etc.  Do I just try and keep her our or how do I explain the peri bottles, pads, etc so it is simple and yet keeps her out of things?  Medicine for Mommy's owie?

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Re: Toddler in the bathroom post partum...

  • I was fortunate enough to have DH home for the first two weeks.  After that I didn't really need a Peri bottle.  DD didn't really notice the pads and I just didn't mention anything.  You'll figure it all out.  The things I worried about weren't even issues. 
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  • If you have to bring her in the potty with you, just do it. If she asks questions, tell it is to make mommy better. I wouldn't make a big deal out of it. The other day my toddler watched me put a tampon in, she was in awe. She could not believe where it went, it was almost funny to see the expression on her face. I would have prefered some privacy, but she comes in the potty with me at times and it had to be done. I tried to do it discretly, but not so much.

    The same thing with the shower. It would be so much better if maybe she didn't come in and open the shower door and just leave it open and then walk out. But what can you do? They are curious and interested and want to be around us.

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  • hocushocus
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    I didn't have this issue postpartum but my daughter thinks regular pads are diapers. I just tell her they are a special mommy thing and that when she grows up she'll wear on too.
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  • My DD is afraid of blood so I always tried to "hide" the dirty pad. Not really a big deal.
  • Thanks ladies, I am sure there will bigger issues to deal with. This was just the one that was stuck in my head that day :-)

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  • Maybe I'm a mean mommy, but I usually just tell her I am using the restroom and shut the door. It's not going to kill her to cry for 2 min while I'm in there. Now with 2 walking and following me everywhere, when I need to use the resroom I do so by myself :)
  • I remember DS saying "mommy diaper?" and I said "Yes, mommy diaper." He went about his business since I acted like it was no big deal. He was 15.5. months old.
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