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so yesterday I call the doctor because i was told to schedule my appointment 10 weeks out. the receptionist schedules me even farther so i said no thats not right she wants me ten weeks out and she was like that is. so i explain to her what the doctor meant and she gets mad and says yea just hold on and flips me over to a phone nurse. So i tell the phone nurse i don't know why the receptionist flipped me over to her i was just trying to schedule an appointment. the nurse tells me she'll ask the doctor for when. so i wait and wait and no one calls even hours later. I decide to call back and i was right the whole time. I set it up and then ask to speak to a phone nurse about getting an u/s (since i had a previous mc) just to make sure everything was going smoothly. They argued with me about that. And i just now got the call saying its no big deal and we can set one up.  This doctors office blows me off i feel like. With my first pregnancy i called about the bleeding and the doctor herself told me not to worry it was nothing and sure enough a few hours later i was in the er receiving the  bad news. then at my checkup six weeks later i told her of pain and she said don't worry and i ended up having a big cyst!


sorry its so long it just makes me mad. Do your job 

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