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SO Jealous of All of You August Ladies Having Your Babies!

I love reading the new stories every day, and they keep coming in faster and faster :)  

Keep 'em coming ladies.  It's giving us late August ladies something to look forward to!

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Re: SO Jealous of All of You August Ladies Having Your Babies!

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    I'm due at the end of the month as well. It's crazy to think that my LO will very likely hold out until September. That seems so far away! Here's to a due date baby, lol!
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  • Right there with ya! It kinda freaks me out though to know people due in the same month as me are already holding their kiddos! Some for WEEKS! I want this little girl to cook until September if she can. Shes a big girl but I'm in no rush to get her out, I can't wait to kiss her little nose and see her little fingers gripping my finger but I just want her to be healthy.

    Oh man.

    We're gonna have real babies. 

  • I'm jealous too! I'm due the 10th, but still! 
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  • I'm due the 3rd. Trust me, I am definitely jealous of August moms having their babies in July :p

    Also jealous of all you nesting ladies! My urge to nest hits me at 9pm, an hour before I need to go to bed :|

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  • I just love reading all the labor and birth posts! I don't know if I'll be allowed to have a September baby, but we'll see in a few weeks I suppose. It's so awesome to see it happening for some moms already. I finally got bitten by the nesting bug; DH and I have started tackling the pile of baby things that are taking up half the living room, and we've tapped into clothes washing... it's a long process since we just have a portable washer. But our doula is coming for the prenatal visit on Sunday, along with a student and the backup doula, so we NEED to get this mess under control. 

    Basically it is just really weird and awesome to think that I could be holding my baby a month from now. A MONTH. And there was a point in time where she was the size of a blueberry. I consider myself (and all of us) to be very lucky... we've all made people. That's crazy! 

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  • I am SO. JEALOUS. I am so excited for all the ladies having their sweet little ones but it just seems sooo far away for me! Obviously I want him to stay in as long as he needs, but if he's ready early I wouldn't complain :)



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  • Um...  not completely jealous yet.  I am not looking forward to labor, lol..  But I would love to see my little boy.

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  • I was actually looking forward to having my baby in early August (since that's my birth month and I wanted to share it with Emily) but I'm being induced Monday due HBP so I won't make it :-(  It will most likely be July 30 for me.

  • I'm jealous too, and I have 8 days left...hopefully! I won't rush her though, at least I'll try not to.
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  • I'm good for a few more days, but reading all these "my baby is here!" posts is starting to make me a little crazy. Id like her to stay in there through this weekend to hit 39 weeks, and then please come on out!
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  • I am very jealous, also!!! Even though I am probably going to be the last of our group to have a bab y :) I am ok with that haha!
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  • I'm so jealous too, but lovin the birth stories. It sure makes it all seem so much closer!!

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