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thinking about 2u2 but still ebf 5mo.

I really wants LOs to be close in age because that is how my brothers and I were. However, I still am breastfeeding 5 month old son. Right now he will not even consider a bottle with bm much less formula, not that I want him to have to. DS was also 4 weeks early so I have a history with preterm labor. I'm just wondering if anyone else ebf while pregnant and what their experiences were.
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Re: thinking about 2u2 but still ebf 5mo.

  • I was allowed to continue EPing, but that was b/c I did not have a pre-term labor history.  My supply really tanked when I got KU.   I don't think an OB would allow you to nurse b/c of the preterm history, but you still would be taking a risk though.

    If nursing is important to you, I would wait until closer to 1 year to TTC so you wouldn't have to quit to early - or risk losing supply.

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  • That sounds like a good concern to discuss with your doctor. DD was born 3 weeks early, not 4 but still early for no known reason, and was 9 mo when I got pregnant. I was still BFing her about 7 times a day at that point and my OB said nothing to me about needing to wean because of going into labor early. She only said that I might need to because my supply might tank. But I was able to continue BFing with no supply issues until a couple weeks ago when I weaned because I don't want to tandem nurse. So, it might be entirely possible for you to continue BFing while pregnant but your doctor will be the one to tell you if that may put you at a higher risk for miscarriage or PTL.
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  • I am not quite who you are looking for-- I got PG at 10 months and DS started solids at 6 months (albiet BF was still his primary source of nutrition until about 13 months. He self-weaned this week at 18 months)-- but I wanted to recommend the book Adventures in Tandem Nursing to you. It is probably the best source to answer your questions.

  • I EBF Emma and got pregnant when she was 9 months. I nursed all the way through pregnancy without complication and am tandem nursing now. I did have a drop in supply around 10.5 months so pedi suggested a little goat's milk to ease my stress. Emma did great on it and transitioned beautifully to cow's milk at 12 months. She nurses 1-3 times/day and drinks 1-2 cups of cow's milk now. 


    I had no preterm labor concerns with either pregnancy and my OB tried to talk me into weaning multiple times throughout pregnancy. She couldn't give me a reason why though since I was gaining plenty of weight and had no medical issues related to nursing while pregnant. 

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