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sleeping A LOT more at 6-7 weeks??

LO got his first shots last Thursday.  The next day or 2 he slept a lot, most of the day and night.  Since then he has slept a bit less, but it's still a lot more than he used to sleep.  He's sleeping longer at night (last night from 8 pm- 8 am... but with 3 wake ups for feeding) and he's taking one or 2 naps during the day that may last up to 3 hours. 

Is he sleeping more due to growth spurts?  Or do they just start sleeping more in general at this point?

I was nervous at first and was taking his temp all the time because I thought he might be sick, but he seems pretty happy when hes awake...

Re: sleeping A LOT more at 6-7 weeks??

  • If he isn't crying when he is up, like in pain or distress, and not running fever I believe he is fine. My LO sleeps about the same amount and he hasn't had his shots.

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  • My son hasn't had shots yet but he has been sleeping mainly six to eight hours straight at night and then goes back to sleep for another 1.5-2 hrs. He also takes at least one two hr nap in the afternoon. I think your LO might just be getting into a schedule. 
  • My LO also slept for about 2 days after he got his shots with no other symptoms.  Then right around 7 weeks he started sleeping a lot more and STTN (unrelated to the shots) I think it was just what he needed at the time. 
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  • I started to notice that LO started sleeping more again right when he hit 7 weeks..The 2 weeks leading up to that were so challenging as he was fighting sleep and wanted to be held all the time. My LO hasn't had his shots yet.
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