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Anyone ever do Depo Provera shots?

I'm trying to decide what I want to do for birth control when the time comes.  Has anyone ever used the shot?  What did you think of it?  Thanks!!

Re: Anyone ever do Depo Provera shots?

  • I used it in college. It sounded like a great thing, but I had a lot of trouble with it. I basically was spotting for three months. It was like always having your period. No fun. I tried another round because the Dr. said the spotting would stop. It didn't.

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  • I haven't personally but my sister was on it for a couple years.  It took her over a year to get regular periods back when she was done with it.  She enjoyed only getting the injection once every 3 months and I don't think she had a period which she liked.  Coming off of it though was hard on her.  Like I said before, no regular periods for a long time and she felt really hormonal all the time until her body regulated itself.  I think it has its pros and cons but everyones experience is different.
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  • I was on the pill and had trouble right before I got pregnant with LO. I was going to try BFding him so the doctor suggested the shot because he said you can still BF with it. The only thing that I was worried about is that I heard it makes you gain weight. I still tried it and so far I haven't had any trouble. I'm use to spotting so that really won't be a problem for me. I like how it last for three months, no more worring about a pill everyday. I can handle a shot every three months.
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  • I was on it during college and again now. I had some spottingafterbeing on it for 3 years, so my doc made me switch to the pill. I love the shot though,never gained weight or had any bad side effects. Super convenient. But it affects everyone differently!
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  • I was on it for years.  I do better with progesterine (sp?) birth control vs. all the estrogen ones.  I loved it.  When I first was placed on it, I was warned that it will make me feel hungrier, so I shifted to higher protein, lower carb meals to bring my appetite down, and then I actually lost weight on it.  From there, I didn't have periods, which was great.  I didn't have spotting or anything.  I eventually was asked to go off it because it's not good for bone density issues to be on it long term ( I had used it for ~10 years).    I liked that I only had to think about it once a quarter.  When I went off it, and switched, I never found a b.c. that I liked as much or tolerated as well.  Depo to me was symptomatic free.


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  • I did it a few years ago and it really messed with me emotionally. I was pretty much a nutcase! My parents confronted me and told me to switch to something else- which I did- and I was much better off.


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  • I used it and it was greatest thing ever!  Until I discovered I had low bone density and compression fractures in my spine at 20 years old.  All caused by Depo. 
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    I used it and loved it. But there have been issues with bone density related to the shot so, I would look into that. I didn't know it was still available.


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  • I was on it for 5 years before getting pregnant with DD. 5 years is the max they want you to be on it. If you're on it longer there's a chance it'll mess with your reproductive system. I LOVED being on it. I had gotten my last shot January of last year, which meant it was out of my system in April. I got my period back in June & got pregnant in September. While on it I didn't have a period after the first couple months or so. Rarely I would have spotting. 

    The only time I gained weight was when I went from vegan to vegetarian (started eating dairy again). Other than that, the only side effects I had was nausea &, during the first couple years, the occasional chest pain.

    I'm on it again now. Got my shot Friday at my 6 week appointment. Happy to be on it again!!

  • I got it 13 yrs ago and it was by are the WORST thing I have ever done to myself. My hormones were terrible but I'm sure the effects are different for everyone. Good Luck!
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