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Unfortunate Side Effect of Sexy Time

It's been a long time since we have gotten it on, and today I finally bit the bullet so to speak. It was great, until we were done and I almost puked!! So not sexy! I still think it was worth it, though!!

Re: Unfortunate Side Effect of Sexy Time

  • Omg that stinks! I hear all these stories of people having amazing pregnant sex...and I could just care less Embarrassed I mean I guess I could get in the mood, I'm just too tired to find out!
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  • I feel terrible because when we get down to it about half way through I'm like "i feel like I'm going to puke" probably not the best turn on
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  • I immediately started bleeding and fainted if that makes you feel better!  It will be a long long time before either of us want to even attempt that again.
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  • I'm afraid that's going to happen to me.  I haven't been in the mood at all.  Not to mention every morning and every night I'm dealing with "morning" sickness so I obviously don't feel like trying to get it on.  I feel my best mid-afternoon, but I'm always at work and I don't work close to home.  Boo! 

    Hopefully I'll make it up to DH in the 2nd trimester. :) 

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  • DH was all over me when we got our BFP. It was our anniversary so I understand him wanting to be romantic, but at times it's uncomfortable (I'm petite so it's pretty easy for him to hit my cervix--sorry if that's tmi!)! I think I convinced him to cool it a little until at least we get an US and know the baby's okay and I can ask questions about us having sex during pregnancy!
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