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When are you telling work?

I have no desire to tell my work.  When I got pregnant the 2nd time, my manager's response was, "that's not even funny."  I wear scrubs to work, so they fortunately hide my belly pretty well.  Since I recently miscarried, they assume I am trying, so I know any hint of belly the rumors will begin.  Which honestly, I think they have, since I have left early twice for doctors appointments, and I have called out twice.

Plus, they will start hounding me about how much I am going to work when I get back, which DH and I are still trying to decide.

I want to hold out until I know longer fit in my scrubs.  I am just wondering if I am not the only one who doesn't want to tell work.  

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Re: When are you telling work?

  • Probably around the 16 week mark - earlier if I start showing before then.

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  • I'll tell around 16 weeks.  It would have been earlier, but because of vacation schedules between my boss and me, by the time I see him again it will have been about six weeks, I'm telling later rather than earlier.
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  • Probably around 14 weeks if I'm not showing before then. That will be right after Labor Day and after a co-worker in my dept returns from her maternity leave. I think they will be happy for me but concerned about how to handle the work I do.

  • I am hoping to hold out until at least 14 weeks.  I have a new principal this year and I want to prove myself before telling her I have to take leave.


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  • I guess I should add, I am the only person in my department. I work in an ophthalmology practice of about 25.  Another woman is 19 weeks pregnant, and a tech is retiring.  I guess I should tell them soonish.  Maybe after I hear the h/b next week. 
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  • I'm hoping to make it 20 weeks.  But, I just work weekends to supplement our income and my job can easily survive without me.
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  • I told them immediatly. Everything worked out, but I wish I would have waited in the off change that miscarraige does happen.
  • I told my boss at 5.5 weeks because I thought I might be miscarrying again.  But we have a good relationship and work closely together.  
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  • I am a teacher on summer vacation now.  We go back early September, and I have a feeling that I won't have to say a word.  My bloat speaks for itself!
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  • I will be telling my boss when school starts up which will be put me at around 11/12 weeks.  I have some questions about how my maternity leave will affect the new NY state teacher annual proffesional performance reviews, so I am going to talk to him about it a bit sooner than I would've otherwise.

    The only reason I'm hesitant is because my boss can't stand to just let things go for a while so he immediately obsesses about who will be my maternity leave replacement.  Annoying.

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  • I told my boss at 5 wks because she knew I was getting IUI's and was telling her when I went in for them for FMLA. I feel comfortable talking to her and there is always someone pregnant in my office. Do what you feel is right.
  • I would like to tell work the week before I deliver, but I'm sure that isn't possible. Wink

    My boss is freaking out about covering my first OB visit in 2 weeks, so I am sure she will freak out when I tell her I am gone for at least 2 months.

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  • I'll wait as long as possible.  I'm hoping for 18-20 weeks, which is what I did last time.  I already knew what I was having by the time I told my boss.
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  • I don't plan on telling my work untill atleast the 2nd trimester unless something comes up and i need to
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  • I told my boss last week, but only because she was on to me and knew something was up (maybe it was the tinge of green on my face from all the morning sickness). I wasn't planning on telling her until the end of the first trimester, but she kept asking me what was wrong and I finally gave in.  She was shocked and I kind of regret telling her the way I did.

     I plan on telling my staff and the rest of my co-workers at around 13 weeks or so.  I'm going to play it by ear and see how long I can go before I start showing. 

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  • I can't wait to long, I don't feel well and need to give everyone time to plan (I'm a therapist). I'll probably tell somewhere between 8.5-10 weeks. Its hard keeping it secret.

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  • image shandorfml2:
    I can't wait to long, I don't feel well and need to give everyone time to plan (I'm a therapist). I'll probably tell somewhere between 8.5-10 weeks. Its hard keeping it secret.


    I too am a therapist.  I have a caseload of 40 and conduct school-based therapy at 3 schools.  I may need to be out sick so I have to make them aware.

    This is my 2nd pregnancy:)  The 1st went great without a hitch. ( she is now 17 months old.) I told at 7 weeks after the 1st ultrasound.

    I'll probably tell next week.  I just took a test last night and told my best friend.  Will be telling my in-laws and parents this weekend!!


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