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I love being a mom. You? :-)

Morning, ladies!  I just want to say that I love being a mom.  No matter how sleep deprived I get, no matter how sore my nippes get, etc., etc., etc.  My little girl makes me so happy.  Right now, she is snuggling into my arm as I type in the dark, and I am deliriously in love.

What are your happy mama moments? :-)  


Re: I love being a mom. You? :-)

  • I had the same thought this morning.   I'm so tired, my boobs hurt all the time, and I wish I could just have an hour to sit and do nothing... But then she smiled at me and it was all worth it. 

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  • These days, the best part of my day is when E looks up at me after her morning feeding with a big grin on her face and milk dribbling down her chin.  

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    These days, the best part of my day is when E looks up at me after her morning feeding with a big grin on her face and milk dribbling down her chin.  

    I can't help but smile at the milk dribbles on his face after a good nursing session.  You can just see the content all over his face :)

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  • I just melt when my LO smiles at me.  Like you, I get sleep deprived, my nipples hurt, and sometimes he doesn't want to be put down but I am so lucky.  I also love seeing him with my H.  You can tell how much my H loves him, you can see it all over his face.
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  • I actually got up and worked out this morning and was feeling sore and kind of grumpy. When I got home my sweet baby smiled and cooed at me and it totally changed my mood.

    I was not excited about going back to work but the silver lining is that when I am home I can't get enough of him. I just want to hold him and kiss him all the time!

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  • Loving every minute of it. As I'm typing this my arm is aching because of the way she's sleeping on it, but who cares? It's the best thing ever.

     My favorite moments are when she "talks" to me. She has the most adorable smile as she looks at me and puts so much effort into making her cute little sounds.


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  • Last night I had both my girls sleeping next to me at one point and fell totally in love with both of them all over again. 
  • Today after I got up (wonderful DH let me sleep longer) he was holding her & everything. Put her in the bouncer. She was just laying there until she saw me & started smiling & cooing. It was awesome.
  • I love it and was just thinking this as well. Loved it cause she smiles and does this almost laughing thing at me she gets all worked up and kicks around and keeps smiling laughing i love it. And yesterday she kelt flirting with my husband hahaha too cute she would look smile then look away and open her eyes all big and then side eye him with a big smile. Hahahahaa i loved it definatly have a happybaby now she stills screams every once in awhile but not nearly as much. To cute
  • I love how she smiles at me while I change her diaper every morning.
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  • I love watching my little boy sleep in his cosleeper. Moving his hands around to put them in his mouth or to stretch, seeing him just go limp as he finally goes into a deep sleep, his smiles when he sees me as he wakes up...Makes my heart turn to goo.



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  • That almost giggle thing that someone else mentioned is the absolute best! And when she snuggles in. I forgot how much I missed that. My boys are so much older.  

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  • When he gets up for the day, I always bring him into bed with me, unswaddle him and call him silly bones - he squirms and smiles happily on the bed next to me. I could have gotten up 2-6 times with him that night and be dead tired, but that huge toothless grin is worth it!!!
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