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heat, morning sickness, and music festival


I am seeking advice about morning sickness and how to handle it in this extreme heat. I am estimating that I am 6-7 weeks pregnant right now (first doctor appointment is 8/13).

In 2 weeks, I will be attending a 3 day (8/3-8/5) outdoor music festival. I have looked at the extended forecast and it looks like it will be 90 degrees all 3 days with a heat index of 105 degrees. For the past 2 weeks, I have had extreme nausea and have barely been able to lift my head or open my eyes because I have been so sick. I am fearing that I will be just as sick in 2 weeks when I am 8-9 weeks pregnant. So, in a nutshell, I will be walking around for hours on end in extreme heat with potential severe bouts of nausea (fingers crossed that I don't have nausea).

I attend this music festival every year and this will by my 6th year going. In fact, this is the one vacation I take each year because I look forward to this so much. Needless to say, NOT going is not an option.

So I guess what I am asking from all of you is: how would you handle this situation so that you are comfortable at all times? I have plans to pack plenty of ginger candies, water, and barf bags, and I plan on seeking shade whenever I can and dressing very comfortably. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced being outdoors in hot weather while already fighting morning sickness and what you did to make yourself comfortable.


Re: heat, morning sickness, and music festival

  • I would drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fruits of veggies. I am an avid walker, and just keep that baby happy, and you ahould be okay. Right now, I m so sick, my own advice is not workng. lol I have a job interview in a different state tomorrow, and am getting on a plane super early for a 2 hour flight. Im afraid of throwing up all over myself. lol I'm just trying to remember to keep my LO happy, and hope it all works out. I am counting down the days until this trimester is over.


  • TBH, going while being so sick does not sound like fun AT ALL. I think you'd just be torturing yourself (and those with you) trying to go and have fun while your a vomit factory.
    There's always next year !
    However, if it turns out that you aren't nauseous by then then go and have a good time. Drink lots of water , stay comfy & don't forget the sunscreen.

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  • HI! I understand! Months ago my girlfriend paid for my ticket to go to Mayhem Fest in tinley park to see slipknot! OMG I WAS SOOO EXCITED! Then, I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant.  Well this past weekend, I went! IT WAS A BLAST! SLIPKNOT WAS AWESOME!  HOwever DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!!!! VERY IMPORTANT and the food there was expensive so at least try to bring some snacks..... ALSO SUNSCREEN i have a good 2nd-3rd degree sunburn on my face, neck, shoulders, backs of my legs and behind my knees and I am in extreme pain now.!!! I meant to take some, but I forgot!   HAve a great time!
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