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PRESENTING-the one we all love to hate...AUNT FLOW!!

AF decided to rear her ugly face today.  *sigh*  

We go on vacation this coming Saturday.  We can't wait to get away and just relax for a week in Ocean City .  Never been.  Hoping it will be a great time surrounded by my dad, stepmom, husband, son and brother and his children. 

Not sure if we will be starting up the 3rd cycle right away.  If we do a 3rd cycle, sometime in September most likely and we don't succeed then we are thinking of just giving it to God and seeing what happens over the next year.  This is so hard.  I give all you girls cudos for going through all these cycles and just continuing.  I will continue to pray for you of all you have not conceived, that if its Gods will He will perform a miracle and give you a child,  and for the ladies who have conceived this month, I pray for a fantastic, great, non stressful pregnancy.

 Talk to you all soon.

Re: PRESENTING-the one we all love to hate...AUNT FLOW!!

  • Sorry about the witch showing her face.....she's got a funny way of raining on your parade....hope you have fun on vaca! And thanks for your well wishes an prayers. 

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  • Thanks!  Adorable son by the way!
  • I'm sorry :(

    It is hard.  I hope you have some fun on your vacation! 

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  • Hugs! I'm sorry but I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing vacation!

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    2nd round of Clomid (100 mg) 11/13- BFN
    Cycle #18: 12/13- Break from meds for yet another HSG for me and yet another SA for DH. We're on our own this month! 

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  • Have a wonderful vacation.  I am so sorry about AF showing up... what a b*tch.  BUT I always look at it as a fresh start, new chance, new beginning.  That's what keeps me going. 

    Where do you live????  We go to OCNJ all the time =)  And sometimes OCMD, too!!!  We're actually hitting Fenwick Island this weekend for my birthday!

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  • I'm sorry she showed up. :( I hope you have a great vacation though!
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