Aunt Flow came for a visit. :|

Well, AF decided to rear her ugly face today.  *sigh*   Taking next cycle off for our vacation (can't wait to get away and just relax).  We may try one more cycle (only have done two so far) and then we may even be throwing in the RE towel and just seeing what God does for us. 

 On another note a lot has happened on this site over the last month with people still TTC and even people getting there BFP.  For all you ladies out there still TTC, I will be praying for all of you and for all you ladies out there who got your BFP's this month, congrats again and I will be praying for a happy, healthy, non stressful pregnancy for you all. 

 Talk to you all soon. 

Re: Aunt Flow came for a visit. :|

  • Enjoy your vacation!
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    TTC Dec 2010 - DX MFI Aug 2011 - CD3/7DPO labs good - HSG all clear
    IUI #1 1/13 = BFN
    IUI #2 = BFN
    IUI #3 + Clomid = BFN
    IUI #4 + Clomid = BFFN
    IUI #5 + Clomid = BFN
    IUI #6 + Clomid = BFN
    IVF coming soon
  • Sounds like your vacation is coming with perfect timing. Good luck!
  • Atleast AF didnt arrive on your vacation... :)

    Relax and enjoy your vacation!

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    Failed IVF #1 (July 2012)
    FET #1 October/November 2012 BFP, m/c at 5 3/7
    February - operative hysteroscopy
    Late April/May FET #2

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  • Have a great vacation!
    Married July 2011; TTC since April 2011; DX: MFI
    IVF #1 in August 2012: BFP!
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  • Thats a super fantastic point nursecheryl!  Thanks everyone!
  • Enjoy your vacation!!
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    5/2012 1st IUI, 100mg Clomid, Only 1 Follie - BFN

    6/2012 2nd IUI, 150mg Clomid+Menopur, 18 Follies (yikes,too many!!) and Mild OHSS - Cancelled

    8/2012 Begin 1st IVF, Menopur+Bravelle+Ganirelix

    8/11/2012 ER, Holy Crap we had 31 eggs!! Developed Severe OHSS - Delayed with 10 Frosties

    9/2012 Begin 1st FET, Delestrogen+PIO+Crinone

    9/13/2012 1st FET, 2 Beautiful Embies... 9/25/2012 Beta - BFN

    10/2012 Begin 2nd FET, Delestrogen+PIO+Crinone

    10/26/2012 2nd FET, 2 Beautiful Embies...11/7/2012 Beta - BFP

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