C-section and back issues.

I'm kind of new here. I had a c-section almost 7 months ago and I know I've read some posts, but never posted myself.

My lower back has been very very different ever since my cs. I went to the chiropractor, who worked on me while I was pregnant. He told me that it is very common for women to have lower back issues after a cs. 

He gave me some exercises to do that have really help strengthen my core back up. He also told me that a cs can really impact the tissues in the pelvis and throw the lower back out, even if the core is strong.

I don't know if anyone else out there has been fighting back issue since their cs's but I thought I would throw this out there.

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Re: C-section and back issues.

  • That is interesting to hear. I had a lot of back pain in the first six months after my c-section, but now that my daughters are 13 months, I've felt a lot better. I should ask my chiropractor about this!

  • I have back issues, but I was told it was from pregnancy alone because you get thrown off balance from carrying so much in front and if you don't have a strong back etc. then you might have some issues.

    there are many many stretches you can do to strengthen your back etc.  I told my husband that I am going to work on mine for next pregnancy :)

    I have friends that have had natural births and had back problems. 

  • I started having constant back pain when Z was around 2 months old. I went to see a chiropractor after months of 24/7 lower back pain, but it did nothing. I even went to the ER and got injected with a muscle relaxer and still nothing. Finally I saw a family doctor who recommended physical therapy, and I've been seeing them for about a month. I was given a lot of exercises to strengthen my core and told to use heat. It's slowly been getting better (12 months later!) I didn't realize that my core was so weak and I was obviously compensating with my back.
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  • The thing that has helped me the most is the exercises given by the chiropractor for me to do. So it is a bit like PT. If I relied on just my adjustments I would be in so much pain!
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