Parenting after 35

Intro and question

Hi, My name is Meahgan(30) and I am not over 35, but my husband is (46).

We have an almost 7 month old and he has 2 children from a previous marriage (12yo girl and 14 yo boy)

My H is a physically able man, but I notice that he tends to use the phrase "I'm too old for that"

Also, SD asked for H to take her to the local field so that she could fly her kite. He told her no because he hates flying kites.

I had issues with this, but SD wanted her dad to take her, not me.

Later on I asked him why he said no. 

I don't know if this is an age thing or a personality thing.

DH also comes from a family where his father was abusive and not involved in good ways, then pretty much abandoned the family.

Any suggestions or advice would be helpful.

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