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Potty Training: HELP!

So I think my son may officially be ready to get on the potty! He's 22mo. and has been showing a few signs here and there but his doctor kept saying to still wait and see if things continue to progress. We don't have a potty yet but one night in the bath, Julian grabbed his private area and yelled "Pee! Pee!" so, just to humor him, my bf carried him from the tub to the toilet an within a minute or so, he peed! Plus, he's been saying 'Boo-Boo' and handing me diapers, even though there was nothing there...then 5 or 10 minutes later, he'll need to be changed. I think if there was a little potty here and I was able to make him sit on it when he yells these warnings, I could probably train him pretty quickly but the process is still incredibly intimidating!

I've seen these books and heard stories that claim their child was fully potty trained in under a week and I think that's what scares me..Could my son really have control of both #1 and #2s, during the day and naptime/overnight to get up and go when he needs to?? How long before he's out of diapers and into pull-ups, or no training pants at all? Any tips, tricks or strategies that have worked, please let me know!! Or if you any great books helped too (because there are overwhelming amounts out there LOL) TIA! :) :)

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  • The only tip I have is to skip pull-ups. My daycare hates them and doesn't allow them because it's confusing to the child (per this school of thought).

    Mostly I just had to post to tell you that your LO is so gorgeous! 

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  • I second skipping Pull Ups, not necessary.  Get Cloth trainers if you are concerned about accidents.  We did 5 days naked at home, then on the 6th day she went to daycare.  I sent her in her cloth trainer.  She had 3 accidents at school because they had never trained a child as young as my daughter.  By the second week she had no accidents.  She still gets a diaper at nap and night time.  I am not pushing potty training night time until later.  
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  • Skip pull ups! My DD calls them diapers and she only gets them at not nd nap. I did gerber cloth and she "understood" because she could feel wet and quickly learned to go on the potty 
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  • I've potty trained both DDs using pull ups and diapers. Both started telling me when they had to go, so I'd put them on the potty then. I'd just buy a potty ring for the toilet and skip the little potty. Also, I personally don't care if DC is completely trained in 3 days or a week. I'm perfectly happy putting them on the potty when they ask, and letting them take the lead. It means less frustration from me since there are fewer accidents that need to be cleaned and less stress on DC. I'd say DD2 is about 90% day trained, and it's been a week since she started telling me consistently. Night time is not trainable; it happens when DC is physiologically ready, so don't worry about that. 
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