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Do I have to toss this oatmeal?

Tried oatmeal mixed with BM this morning - DS only ate about .5 oz so there's another .5 oz waiting to be consumed.  It should be OK to try again after his nap in a couple hours right?  Yes, the spoon went back into the little bowl and I know you're supposed to discard any food after they don't eat it...but if it were a bottle I'd offer it one more time before tossing.  Hoping its the same with the oatmeal but of course there could be some rule about that I am not aware of. :)


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Re: Do I have to toss this oatmeal?

  • I think it may depend on LO's stomach. Does DS get an upset tummy easily? If yes, I may say toss it.

    Otherwise, as long as it has cooled completely to room temp, I would put it in the fridge covered, then warm it up with a warm water bath for the next feeding.

    With the heat (where we are anyway) I've been sticking things in the fridge more because the heat can make bacteria grow faster causing things to spoil.

    Our bodies may be able to handle eating things that weren't put in the fridge, even after a few hours, but we've built up our bodies to be able to handle the majority of those. Our LO's don't have a good immune system yet, so I play it safe.

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