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Help with solids...


My girls have only been doing the rice cereal once a day for a week now but dont really seem to like it and barely get a table spoon down. So I want to switch to a veggie (sweet potatoes) but have read you should stay on rice cereal for atleast 2-4 weeks?

What solids is your little one eating each day and how much of it each feeding?

Also, how long did you just do the rice cereal?

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Re: Help with solids...

  • We skipped rice cereal at our peds recommendation.  We've done sweet potato, squash, carrots, green beans, peas, apple, peach, banana, chicken, turkey & beef purees.  We've also done watermelon, avocado, banana & peaches in the mesh feeder.
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  • We skipped cereals too. We just went to veggies and fruits. Our ped told us that breastmilk is so sweet that babies are used to sweet things anyway.

    We fed LO a new food for four days. Typically if there will be a reaction, it will happen after the second exposure, but follow your Dr. advice for your own child.

    Now LO has been exposed to enough foods that we are doing mixed things, and some bland adult food.

    Yesterday we were at a picnic and LO grabbed a handful of my hot dog bun right off my plate and shoved it in his mouth!

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  • You don't have to do cereal and can just go right to fruits and veggies. DS has milk and soy allergies, so we opted to skip cereal in case he has gluten issues, too. We have tried yams and avocado. He gets a tablespoon of one of those twice a day with his Prevacid.
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  • We skipped rice cereal and purees and went straight to table food at 6 months.
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  • Lurking... we tried rice and oatmeal LO didn't care for either so we went to sweat potato. He like it, he was able to eat more. When you first start its normal for them to not want much at a sitting.
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  • I did my breast milk with cereal. During week i do 3-4 ounces of BM with 3 tbsp of cereal in her bottle and she loves it. on weekends i do BM with cereal, but i make it thick to spoon feed her. i notice making it with water she doesnt like it as much.

    I did just cereal for about a month at dr's reccommendation and now im at cereal in morning, veggie at lunch with bm bottle or water, and fruit at night with bm bottle or water. and in between times and before bed she gets bm bottles

  • with our son, i've been mixing the rice cereal with a fruit in the mid-morning... usually by his third feeding. he wakes up at 5 or 6, goes back to sleep for 2-3 hours, so sometime after that feeding is when i give it to him, then i nurse him again to sorta wash it down.



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