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Does a small belly/baby mean that I will deliver late?

I am 17 weeks pregnant and I look as if I am only 10 weeks. My friends say that it might just be a small baby. I have 2 aunts (both 5'0 in height) who have had tiny babies and they all came at least 1-2 weeks after their due date. Even my mother had to induce me and have a nurse press her belly down while delivering because I was so small and refused to come out. (I am 5'2 and I have a dancer/ballerina's body)

Just wondering if this means that for me too it might take a while for the baby to be delivered or go past its due date?

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Re: Does a small belly/baby mean that I will deliver late?

  • I think its too early to really determine this. Also I have never heard of a relevance.
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  • I still have an unimpressive bump and my baby was measuring large, according to the US tech. Lots of change still down the road for both of us!
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  • There's really no way to know, and honestly I wouldn't even worry or think about it. My doctor will pretty much induce any time after my due date if I want (but they won't let me go more than 2 weeks over). This is something you can discuss with your doctor if you're really worried about going over.

    When you say you look as if you're 10 weeks, do you mean your belly looks like that or that your baby is measuring small in an ultrasound? If you are very petite, and especially if it is your first pregnancy, it's pretty standard not to show yet.

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  • Your size has no relevance on the size of the baby.  At your ultrasound they will measure the baby and make sure it's measuring on track.
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  • nope. i measured small and my daughter was tiny, and she came on her own 3 weeks early, weighing 5 lbs 6 oz. she was healthy and fine, but obviously size has no bearing on when baby arrives. 
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  • I had large babies and was huge with DS, he was a few days early because we had a csection because they worried about his size, and DD was induced at 40.5 weeks because I had a really bad rash; otherwise I think I would have gone really late with her.
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  • It's important to remember that due dates are rough estimates. Women rarely know the exact moment of conception.
  • No. As long as growth is consistent you should be ok. Besides, due** dates are just an estimate. Babies come when they want.

    ETA: good lord, changed the autocorrected "die dates" to "due dates". I'm sorry! iPhone autocorrect fail x a thousand. Yeesh 

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  • I highly doubt that there is any correlation between the two.  I think the way/how you show has to do with your body type.  You have strong abdominal muscles, so that will hold your uterus in more than if you didn't, not to mention this is your first, so it will take you longer to show anyways. I know a woman who is a runner, and due in September, and she still has a small belly, and last I knew was still running daily.

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  • You'll probably go late because most FTMs do, not because of your current size. 
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  • I agree with drpayne. Also, I had a HUGE belly and went 12 days late with DS.  So I doubt that size is relevant. 
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  • No.  There is no correlation.
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  • I also had a very small belly at 17 weeks with DS. He measured big in the U/S. I delivered 3 weeks early due to my water breaking.

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  • No. I looked like I was carrying twins and my son was 10lbs 5oz at birth. He was born 11 days overdue. My sister in law just went a week overdue and her son was 6lbs 6oz.  There's no correlation between baby/belly size and time of delivery.

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    I'm petite and my babies have always been "small" (they always measured behind.  I never looked like I was 9 months pregnant.  My babies were just over 5 lbs (they were not twins) and they were both born on their own (no induction) at 37 weeks on the dot.  That's just what my body does- but both have been very healthy.  It appears this baby is following the same trend.
  • never heard of a correlation....I can say I have a friend who is a professional ice skater and has awesome stomach muscles and even at 9mos was super small but had a "normal" sized baby.

    I'm ave height/weight and my babies were 6lb 6oz (and 12 days early) and 7lb 2 oz (3wks early).  DH was a huge baby (like 10lbs) and I was the same as my first.

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  • No. There's no connection. I was really small with DD and she was measuring small and was born 4 weeks early, weighing a smudge over 5 lb.
  • I am 24.5 weeks pregnant with twins and I have been told I look small but my babies are growing only 1 day behind as of my last u/s. I have a pretty long torso so the babies have a ton of room to grow without my abdoman protruding out too much just yet. Everyone is different.

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  • My first LO was only 6lbs 10 oz and he came 2 days early. I don't think you can really judge by this.
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