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Intro - any other 2U2 moms?

We just found out yesterday (confirmed at dr today) that we are pregnant with #2! 
My family's reaction to the news has me a little down. Not sure if less excitement is normal for the second pregnancy, or if it's just because ours are so close together.
We are a navy family living in Hawaii, so we are pretty much on our own with this.

Our kids will be 14-15months apart. I knew I wanted 2U2, but now that it's becoming a reality I'm freaking out. The logistics of 2U2 seem impossible right now, but I know that in 9months DD will be a very different baby.

I'm pretty active on my other BMB, and love the support I get from my bump ladies. I'm hoping to find that with the March mommas as well.  

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Re: Intro - any other 2U2 moms?

  • That's where we are headed! They will be 17 months apart.

    We knew we wanted them between 1 1/2 to 2 years apart.  Due to DH's work schedule, we lost a chunk of that age range so it was really now or wait until DS is after 2.  

    FWIW, my sister just had a baby last month and her kids are 13 months apart.  My mom had my sisters 15 months apart.  She said it was hard but it was so so worth it!



  • My post was pretty similar to this the other day! I post on September 2011 Moms.. and I love it there. Hoping to get the love and support here as well. 

    I guess that answers your question! I will have 2U2. M will be about 1.5 when the baby gets here. Definitely closer than H and I wanted, but we are extremely excited none the less.

    About the reaction of your family, I think it's normally, unfortunately. My parents were excited, and my in laws were excited, but everyone else just kinda said "Oh, again?" or "wow, you're crazy."  Kinda upsetting, but oh well.


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  • Mine will be 16-17 months apart. 

    DH and BIL were 12 months apart so his parents couldn't say much to us.  My mom was overjoyed.

    I'm so grateful to be giving my son a built in best friend.

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  • We will be just over.  DD#1 will be 26 months when baby 2 is born. 


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  • VespahVespah
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    We will just squeak in ~1.5 months of 2U2 if this baby is born more or less on time. (DD was only 4 days early).  Have yet to tell family yet, but I'm sure they will all be supportive which is fantastic. MIL had 4 kids under 6 at one point (that is just crazy, every one of them planned), and my mom had my brother and I only 18 months apart.
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  • Yep.  DS will be 21 months when this LO is born. 
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  • It's reassuring that I'll be going into this with some other March moms in similar situations! :) 

    Me and my sis are 19months apart so I would have thought they'd understand. She was a "surprise" though, so maybe that has something to do with it even though I LOVE how close me and my sis are.
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  • Yup me! My los will be 18-19 months apart. Im kinda freaking out. Hopefully dd #1 is more independent by then but I think its just wishful thinking lol. Good luck with your situation!
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  • We'll have 2u2!! Ours will be 22 months apart. One thing I read from a mom who had several kiddos close in age was (to the effect of): the time it's hard and the time their little is short on the great big scale of their whole life of being close with siblings. It's worth it. 
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  • The new LO and E will be about 21-22 months apart. We were targeting two years apart, but conception was much faster this time around ;)

    My two boys are getting a surprise May 2015!

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  • My babies will be about 17 months apart when this one comes along. I totally understand about feeling overwhelmed; sometimes I wonder if we did the right thing having them so close together. I think I'm just thinking that way because my m/s is worse this time around and DS just learned how to crawl and is everywhere!

    But I keep thinking of how close they will be and how this was our plan all along. I know it'll be hard the first year or two, but in the end it will all be worth it!

    Sorry about your family's lack of excitement :( I'm sure they'll start to come around once this pregnancy gets further along and it becomes more real to them. 

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  • We will have 2u2 as well!  DS and the new LO will be 21 months apart.  We are super excited they will be so close in age!
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  • ElocinElocin
    Yup. They will be 21 months apart or so! 
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  • Count me into the 2U2 group.  Mine will be 13months apart.  Totally not planned that close but we did want another baby and since I will be 38 when this one is born, I guess sooner is better than later! 
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  • Count me in--mine will be 21 months apart. I'm in the camp hoping for them to be good buddies later on, which will make the extra work early on totally worth it!
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  • Mine will be 11 months! My due date is 4 days before my DS first birthday! Eek!
  • Count us in, too! Mine will be 18.5 months give or take!
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  • Mine will also be 21-22 months apart. I didn't think I would get pregnant so quickly, so we were anticipating a little closer to 2 years. When I first started calculating, I freaked out a bit, but I figured 2 months doesn't make that much of a difference.

    Have you ladies been a lot more calm this time around?

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