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Poll - Telling work

Hi Ladies-

I know we have had discussions on when to tell your work, but I thought a clicky poll might be in order.  Soooo......


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Re: Poll - Telling work

  • I don't know if I'd call it excitement so much as anxiety. I'm not the sort who's comfortable hiding/lying to my employer, and I knew I wanted to start my medical appointments as soon as possible - so I didn't want to have to dodge explaining why I'd be leaving the office now and then for longer than just my lunch break. 
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  • I'm voting SS. I told my boss at around 9 weeks so she would know why I needed off for doctor appts but I also told her I wasn't ready for anyone else to know and she was cool with that.

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  • It wasn't for health or safety reasons, but I'm due at a really inconvenient time for work, so I told them pretty early to give everyone time to process/prepare


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  • I work from home. I told my 'employer' today (I'm 11 weeks). My 'employer' is one of my good friends. My pregnancy has no bearing on my work and I won't take anytime off from it. I do work flow for a photographer so I can lay in bed and work anytime I want... well except when my 1 year old is awake.
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  • SS

    I wasn't going to tell my boss until I was in the second trimester, but ended up having to yesterday after an emergency visit to the doctor, and had to be out unexpected. 

    He's already asking me what my plans are when the baby came.  I told him the only thing I'm thinking about is getting through the next few months.

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  • I started spotting right after work one day and was put on bed rest for a week. I fessed up then. Luckily though, my bosses and co-workers are wonderful about it.
  • My supervisor outed me in front of my lead last week. I wasn't planning on saying anything until I got huge. She noticed my bloat and said to me, "what's going on here" then gestured toward her belly area.
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  • I am a high school teacher and thought it was necessary to tell my school nurse in case of an emergency.  I didn't tell my supervisors or principal till second tri.  
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  • I'm sort of in a predicament because I'm up for a bit promotion in September.  I hopefully won't be showing by then, but my goal is to wait until the end of September to tell them.  My boss did ask us this week to put in requests for travel for the next year and I really don't want to go anywhere while I'm pregnant so I don't know what to do about that.  I guess I'll have to pitch at least one trip and then hope it doesn't get funding!
  • I told them right away. With my first pregnancy, I had a missed m/c and a D&C and had to tell them because I needed the surgery. When I was pregnant with DS, I had a complicated pregnancy (taken off all travel at 5.5 weeks, bedrest twice, lots and lots of doctors appointments). They were spectacular before, and I felt like it was best to just let them know early in the event I had similar situations occur again.
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  • SS - I teach quarterly classes on a freelance basis, and I'm off until September, so I'll tell my boss when I go back in September. I assume I'll be showing by then, anyway. She'll definitely need to know by October when she'll start planning for the 1st quarter of 2013 since I'll take that quarter off. For my other job I'm self-employed, so my boss knew the same second I did ;-)

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  • im going to tell my boss after the NT scan, i dont plan to tell HR until the anatomy scan... but we'll see.

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  • I told my direct supervisor last Friday and told his supervisor and HR today. Monday my husband and I (we work together) are telling everyone. Should be a wonderful day!
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    I'm pretty excited about this.  I'm a teacher, so I left the school year at 5 weeks pregnant.   Now when I return from the summer I'll just be showing and about 15 weeks.   So no question, I can tell right away.   New principal though, so a little anxious about that. 
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  • I'm a corporate lawyer and can work pretty extreme hours at times.  Because I can't go through a pregnancy sleeping 2 hours a night, I do tell any partners that I am working with directly on a given project.  Other than that, I won't make a general "announcement" (i.e., tell the managing partner) until I've cleared 1st tri.
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  • I told them when I couldn't get out of bed for 4 weeks straight due to m/s. 
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  • I haven't told my boss yet, but I told one coworker even before my BFP for safety reasons. She knew about my m/c, so I felt comfortable telling her that we were trying. I work with nitrous oxide and X-rays, so I wanted to avoid all exposure from the time of conception to be on the safe side, just due to losing my last baby I didn't want to take any chances. I will hopefully be telling my boss soon and the rest of the office.
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  • SS

    With my last PG before I became a SAHM, I had to tell my boss as soon as I found out, since I had a job where I would be driving on a very busy airfield, next to very loud aircraft and a possibility of hazards from aircraft. It made it much easier with them knowing so I wouldn't feel so useless and guilty for not being able to help outside.

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  • image Southernpeach80:
    I'm voting SS. I told my boss at around 9 weeks so she would know why I needed off for doctor appts but I also told her I wasn't ready for anyone else to know and she was cool with that.

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    Same with me....plan on telling "the big boss", other co-workers and HR dept after next week's appt if all is well! 

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  • I work in a very small office - there's 6 of us.  They know I haven't been well for a couple weeks and I'm trying to play it off as a stomach thing, but I'm pretty sure some of them suspect that I am preggers already.  We are telling my parents this weekend (FINALLY) and I'll probably crack and tell the office (or at least my boss) next week.  This M/S is really killing me and I am not the person who can keep secrets well.   

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  • I'll tell going into 2nd tri. Most of my co-workers whom I am close with know. I will tell supervisors later. Probably before my next appointment. I lucked out that they gave us the day off for my first appointment.
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  • I only work with two other people. I found out I was PG on a Friday, on Monday morning I walked into work and my co-worker said "I think I'm pregnant" and I said "me too!" LOL.. she was joking, I was not! I still would have probably told them both sometime that week, we are very close and really don't "hide" much from eachother!

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  • I don't fit into any of that. I was going to wait until 2nd tri, but my supervisor is going away at the end of next week and due to some emails that have been circulating and the planning I know we'll need to do (I mean, I'll be graduating in June anyways and would be off the team then, but if I'm off in February, it's a whole other kettle of fish) it's better that I tell him when we touch base next week. I know he'll be thrilled (he knows about my m/c in January), but I know it'll be tough because each prof only gets x amount of students to hire and he's going to have a hard time convincing the department that he needs more students for January because 2 of us are going to be going on mat leave (an officemate is pregnant too and due a week or two before I am). 
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  • I told fairly early (6 weeks) due to safety concerns.  My principal and my co-teacher know but, other than that, I will wait until the second trimester to announce to my coworkers. 
  • I work at a small company (there are 13 of us) and had several doctors appointments to go to, so it was noticed when I was out. I'm a senior staff member, so I told my boss and the other senior members (who are in charge of scheduling). This way they know way I am flexing so often.
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  • Provided all goes well with the CVS next week, I'll have a meeting with HR before emailing my boss about it with a preliminary plan for my maternity leave, although I expect that will change as we get closer to the time - I'm hoping to to work from home for a week or two before my due date.

    We work for a huge global company, so I've never met most of the people I work with in person (many are in Amsterdam or London - though, of course, they get a year of paid maternity leave - no such luck here!), and I only see some staff, like my boss, every few weeks or months - she's in a different city as well.

    I haven't decided if I'm going to say anything to the people in my immediate office - I don't really work with them directly, but I'm sure a few have noticed.  I might just wait until they say something to me about it.

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    SS--I had to tell my boss (at 10 w) because I had to give ample time for her to find my replacements.  I'm a dance teacher and work with young children, we have to come up with a plan and the smoothest transition when I leave at Christmas break.

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  • I told my boss at about 6 wks because of severe nausea/vomiting. I was finally able to tell the rest of my coworkers last week! I was going to wait until this week, but I have been so bloaty and my breasts have grown quite a bit, so I didn't think I could hide it any longer. I'm pretty short and petite, so there no where for anything to go but out lol.
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  • Roo54Roo54
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    I told my boss pretty early on, because I was having dr's appointments every week to get my blood pressure checked. I didn't want him to think I was skipping out on work last minute all the time. I told him that I wasn't ready for anyone else to know yet. 

    I told a co-worker to get a dr recommendation because my dr wasn't an ob. Another co-worker is a really close friend of mine so I told them, and another co-worker has guessed.  Everyone else, I'm waiting until after I tell my family the second week in August. 

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